Where Is Grandma B

Where Is Grandma B ?  a frail, 86 year old wheelchair-bound widow

I am one of several people who are very concerned about Mrs Barbara Hofschroer, a frail, 86 year old wheelchair-bound widow.

Knowing that the Salvation Army does a great deal to help trace ‘Missing Persons’, we wonder if you can help?
The situation is an unusual one, very different from most you will deal with.  

Mr Peter Hofschroer, son of Barbara, is a highly educated man, a historian & an author.  He believes (rightly or wrongly) that there has been serious malpractice on many levels by North Yorkshire Police, York Council & others in what he describes as ‘Jimmy Savile Country’, & has been publishing a great deal on the internet.  (Googling ‘Grandma B’ will bring it up).  
He is now in Hull Prison.  Not convicted of any crime, he is On Remand, & has been there since December 2014.  Present indications are that he will be there until January 2016, which is a VERY long time to be ‘On Remand’.  
We suspect (rightly or wrongly again) that his incarceration has been at the instigation of powerful people who want to silence his whistle-blowing.  


Why does this cause us to worry about Barbara Hofschroer?
The facts are these:

Barbara was living happily with Peter in Austria: He had been caring for his mother for several years: He was (& still is) her OFFICIAL carer: He had Power of Attorney (& still has):  Peter believes (rightly or wrongly) his brother Robert does not have his mother’s best interest at heart, & is only interested in getting his hands on her assets.  

Peter & his mother moved to Germany, where there was a surprise attack:  Peter was arrested by German police & held for long enough for his mother to be abducted (against her will) by Robert Hofschroer & a posse of accomplices: Once that had been achieved, Peter was released without any charge whatsoever:

Peter only went back to England because, being concerned about his mother, he was taking steps through the English courts to have his mother restored to his care: As he went into court for that purpose, he was arrested & taken off in a police van, thus preventing him progressing the action. There was no reason to arrest him BEFORE the hearing: IF the arrest was justified, they could just as easily have waited until AFTER  the hearing. That they did so before could be classed as ‘Perverting the Course of Justice’, a very serious crime.  

Following Barbara’s abduction from Germany, it is understood she was first taken to live at Robert’s home, but has now been placed in a Home of some kind.  Some little time ago, Barbara was taken to visit Peter in prison, by a person unknown to him.  He wrote to me that he was very worried at her condition.   Barbara was unable to tell Peter the address of the home. In a letter on prison notepaper to me, Peter wrote, “The person accompanying Mum on her visit refused to tell me where she is held & I’ve heard no more from her since.  That is emotional abuse.  I fear the worst.  She is being deliberately run down. I cannot say how long she will last, but cases like Wanda Maddox (Maddocks?) are very much in mind.”

Where Is Grandma B ?  a frail, 86 year old wheelchair-bound widow  

Could one of your people visit Peter in prison, to get the story direct from him?  
His address is: HMP Hull, Hedon Road, HULL HU9 5LS.  

His Prison Number is A33240J.
He is very worried, & we are too.
Hope you can help.
Norman Scarth,

PS: I can assure you, from personal experience, that whistle-blowers are treated very badly in Britain.  I am a World War II veteran.  Very late in life I was shocked to learn of the extent of corruption in Britain &, like Peter, set out to expose it.  Such was the resulting persecution inflicted on me, at the age of 86 I was forced to flee the land of my birth for safety here in Ireland.  
My email address, againstcorruption@hotmail.co.uk says much about me.  NS.

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