Sabine Kurjo McNeill Forced Adoptions

Sabine Kurjo McNeill Forced Adoptions: against Parents’ Wills – The European Dimension


In our meeting and by handing our folder to Mr Timmermans, I was operating on behalf of

  1. all the children who have been wrongly taken into care and adopted against their parents’ wills
  2. the two whistleblower kids
  3. the 18 other ‘special’ children who have been regularly abused according to their two friends
  4. all parents, grandparents and other relatives punished without having committed any crime, possibly criminalised, imprisoned and also deported
  5. all whistleblowers wrongly charged and imprisoned.

After having spoken to the organisation World Government of World Citizens, I took new hope: as human rights advocates they will act as ‘third party’ and write to the EU Commission on my behalf.

That’s promising, as I am working within a chaos of institutions that clearly don’t deliver what they promise and were set up to do.

Here’s the one-page summary I wrote about my situation:

Association of McKenzie Friends
voluntary public interest advocacy

Chairperson: Belinda McKenzie —Web Publisher: Sabine K McNeill

EU Law Specialist: Deborah Mahmoudieh

24 May 2015


Avoiding Arrest by Barnet Police and Imprisonment by Secret High Court Family Division

  1. This Penal Notice is issued against the Russian mother of two ‘whistleblower kids’ and myself. I had helped her as a McKenzie Friend to get her children returned. They were taken into ‘care’ on 11 Sept 2014 and she contacted me in November 2014.
  2. On 13 Feb 2015 I received a phone call from DS Paul Steer. A lawyer came forward to protect and defend me and ascertained that there was no EU Warrant but that I was “Wanted for Discussion”. Through a private pilot I found out that an Interpol Notice of the highest terrorist level(!) had been circulated to arrest me at airports. This was removed without reason on 22 March 2015.
  3. The Penal Notice originates from Barnet Council, the local authority whose Social Services control the children’s physical environment. It mentions ‘support for prosecution’ which is what made me leave the UK on 11 February 2015. The mother left a day later after 9 police attended her house without arrest warrant.
  4. I filed an Application to Set it Aside and got a hearing for 21 April 2015 but asked for adjournment, since I am still concerned about returning, for fear of arrest and imprisonment.
  5. The High Court hearing on 26 Jan 2015 made it clear that the judge had no intention of returning the children. Hence I published an online petition to return her children which resulted in an unplanned and unprecedented internet revolution (16,0000 signatures) about the case and the issues involved. This included cover-ups:
  6. As publisher of petition 1707/2013 to Abolish Adoptions without Parental Consent I submitted an Exceptional Emergency Petition on 07 March 2015 which was appended to my existing documents.
  7. The story of the EU petition is in Forced Adoptions: Against Parents’ Wills – The European Dimension
    • On 02 June 2015 I will be one of six speakers about the issue in the UK and Nordic countries in the EU Parliament.
  8. I’m advised by my most experienced McKenzie Friend colleagues not to return to the UK unless I have ‘cast iron assurances’ from the two lawyers who have begun to look at my case, that I will not be arrested.

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  1. hello sabine, it is only today 14/10/’16 that i have found your name, but i saw the video with you at EU before.
    i wish you great courage and wisdom. and encouragement by victories…
    i got involved in the problem of EUGENE LUKJANENKO (evgeny soifertis) because he has the dutch nationality and dutch is my language, i live in the north of belgium.
    we have some attention from one of the dutch permanent representatives in CoE, but as you say, this horror is difficult to believe by non-british.
    eugene is now threatened with prison on 26/10 by social workers because he names them in public for taking his kid without reason and not wanting him to visit him more than 4 times a year.
    when i find time, i will read more of your posts on the internet!
    best regards,

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