David Barr Affidavit

David Barr Affidavit

David Barr Affridavit

Linda Martins Affidavit

L Martin Affidavit

Commercial Liens Notice of first and final warning.

NoticeOfFirstAndFinalWarning (1)

Linda Martin’s & David Barr;s Affidavit’s my sister burgled my home by way of ladder through upstairs bathroom window with her husband Ray Martin I believe who had no right to enter my home constable Paul Ferris said there was no crime Because the will was being contested ownership had not been established therefore this is a crime the documents that were stolen are being used in court against me and my personal property was also stolen by Linda Martin which has not been fully returned, therefore the matter is ongoing and needs investigated by the police as it is criminal if you are going to steel take the police with you my sisters husband is a member of a secret society
and seems to be using this.