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We Lost Our Linda To The Martins.


When my sister Linda Barr got married to Ray Martin  she was working with my mother as a hairdresser in my mothers salon She one day just left with no notice To my mum and her clients And left my mum to explain the her client that she was gone My mum lost business as it was unprofessional to just up and go.
Linda started to work at her husbands fathers business McCeoy Hair and Beauty which Ray Martin Now ownes My mum lost lots of clients because of this My sister Linda  started book keeping at McCeoys and things started to change Linda began to spend time with the martins and started to look down at her  mother  and I in favour of Joan Martin her husbands mother and her husband Bob This was the start of the distrucktion of my mothers little family.
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My mum brought up Linda and I on her own with no husband to help and Ray had a mother and father Ray’s mother was lamorous and wore lots of makeup went out dining and socialising and went on many holidays My mother was not like that she always put her children first and did the best she could for Linda and She paid for her grammar school education at methodist college My sister started to resent her mother Linda used to tell my mum how Ray’s father would add hundreds of pounded on to his clients bills And this was terrible eventually she stopped telling her mum about this as she had become accustomed to the lifestyle and glamour holidays and clothes.
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This hurt my mum as she was forgetting all the hard work my mum had done on her own for her And this was the downward spiral of are little family Which put my mum in a early grave
My mother suffered for many years because she loved Linda very much And was on her own She was not asking for material things just a relationships with her doughter like mothers do But the martins the flavour Linda stopped talking with her mother for no reason for 3 years.
This distroyed my mum the pain she suffered not seeing or hearing from her My mothers sister Isabel dd the same the  last few years of her life and she lives round the corner The pain my mum suffered from family members was unbearable And it killed her.
My mum was a great person that would help anyone she could and they walked over her My mum had a private funeral and requested no flowers But Linda went against her wishes at her funeral and took control and flower from the people were brought She told the undertaker what to do.
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He did not want trouble and allowed the flowers against my mums instructions Then Linda did the same with my mothers solicitor Mary O’toole to steel her estate she is a bottom feeder wicked Devius not to be trusted.
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