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My Fly Tipping Story. Dumfries Galloway Council.


Dumfries and Galloway hot on fly tipping.

I am writing to complain how Dumfries and Galloway have sent my wife Joanne  a fixed penalty notice it must of been a old prescription or letter in the bag with her name on it we was on holiday for 2 nights in that area at the 3 lochs caravan site and we forgot to put the rubbish in bins provided at the park we smelt the bag and had to dispose of it asap my wife suffers mental health issues and we felt the need to pop in it to a bin quickly as we had a dog it may of been her waste that was the issue.

We had arrived at our caravan one week earlier due to a booking error so this we didn’t expect this also as a memory from our holiday later we moved on to a 7 day holiday in auchenlarie and then we had car issues.

In all fairness where we live we get a extra bin due to medical waste and highland council isn’t policing bins 24hrs a day live dumgal seems to be.

We wasn’t aware that domestic waste couldn’t be placed in a public bin a thing we often did when on holiday.

If we wanted to fly tip this would of been found in a field side of a road i think this doesn’t warrant fly tipping if you read the Scottish legislation closely most people fined HAVE been for blag bags side of public bins or the other methods described.

It was  our first time to dumgal and we really enjoyed the people the location we placed our rubbish inside completely in a public bin.

we never discarded it in a place to cause harm or nuisance.

My wife is a child sexual abuse survivor and is mentally ill and the shock of the letter to her caused severe distress.

we have 14 days to pay £200 or face ourselves in court i have the power of attorney over my wife and am her carer.

we would accept a smaller fine and a slap on the wrist it has opened our eyes and i will put a blog together to warn tourists in caravans and tents not to do this i have told the council i placed the rubbish in the bin not her we both tried to put it in a bin and now not sure which of us actually got it in the bin there was a bin on a road from 3 lochs caravan park to the village of glenluce and a bin outside a pub in the high street not sure actually who dumped the wheelie bin size bag as we both attempted to dispose of the bag.

We want the public to be aware that we was issued with ticket number 14 is this of 2017 or since the act started if it was since the act started then we feel even unluckier

than we feel already we never thought for one minute fly tipping meant in a bin as  well as on public property etc.

Due to my wife’s ill ness and we are on benefits she has a mental health support plan in scotland called care programme approach so she is very vulnerable we are on benefits as well please i urge dumgal council to be lenient on this occasion.

May be its the duty of the council to place signs on all public bins on their websites and with the tourist board highlighting to campers caravaners that disposing litter in a public bin is fly tipping if we did it intentional we surely would of removed our personal details.

Update the principle communities officer Shona will look in to this and see what she can do.

Andrew Peacher

01444 390270


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