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Us Salvage Lien




These are CRITICAL documents that demonstrate just how the INSURANCE COMPANIES have taken control of our State and County governments. When you study both of these documents, you will also see that the Courts ARE NOT considered part of the government!

While this is a House Bill in Colorado, it is reasonable to assume there is something similar, if not word for word, in EVERY state. See if you can find this in YOUR state.

Both documents have been highlighted to make it easier to see what was taken out and what was added.

CO HB 10-1062 HL

CO HB 10-1062 as it Stands

…and this is how it is implemented

Montrose Commissioner’s Admissions

Bills of Exchange

Here ya go – Everything you ever need to know about Bills of Exchange! (OK – maybe not everything, but certainly enough to get you started). As we get more documentation, it will be added here.

I just have to point out again, while you may not ever see a penny out these BOE’s, the experience of presenting them to a bank is priceless!

Note – While many of these files are in PDF format, should you need to edit any of them for your particular situation, this can be easily accomplished.

1. Open the file and right click on the text (this will open an options box)
2. Left click on ‘Select All’ (all the contents will be highlighted) then choose ‘copy’
3. Open whatever program you use for text documents and open a new text document
4. In the new document ‘right click’ and choose ‘Paste’
5 That’s IT! then you can edit to your heart’s content (then SAVE!)

 Educational Documents

This is a good basic explanation


This is an AMAZING piece of work! All US Code and based on SALVAGE. It will need to be edited for your particular issue (just follow instructions in NOTE above).

US Wide Template-SALVAGE LIEN 04_10_2015

More in-depth information and links for even more


Their ‘Official’ liability manual 65 pages

Colorado Officials Liability Handbook – Preventing any Liability(1)

An Oath of Office is a CONTRACT!

Oath of Office Laws

The General Nature of Oaths and Affirmations

Oaths and Affirmations

Actual examples of Oaths

Hautzinger’s Oath of Office(1)

Basically formal admission of insurance fraud

Montrose Commissioner’s Admissions

13 page definition of Sui Juris

Sui Juris Non JUDAS

14 page explanation of BoE’s

Bill of Exchange

Example and template for BoE’s

User Friendly BILL OF EXCHANGE-2015

Template for explaining the BoE to bank manager/president


Template for acceptance of the BoE

Bank Confirmation of Receipt

Excellent information about liens


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Related News

This is VERY disturbing to read – but it let’s us know just what we are up against. Please feel free to spread this far and wide. Truth is a powerful ally.

The Jesuits are a Military Religious Order of the Roman Catholic Church (1)


EXCELLENT interview by George Kavassalis with Jeffery Slayter – highly recommended!


Episode 38 – Jeffery Slayter – “Free Humanity”

Date: April 8, 2015

By: Super Woo Radio

Description: Jeffery Slayter is one of the world’s leading social forecasters, an international best-selling author, international speaker, philanthropist, thought leader and social entrepreneur. He has had an influence on the lives of millions of people, and is a global thought leader for top executives, CEO’s, businesses and change makers. He is known by many of his clients as, ‘The CEO Whisperer’ Jeffery was born in Hawaii, with Hawaiian heritage in his family. He has a natural love for the Earth, the sea, ancient traditions and entrepreneurship. His family then moved to Silicon Valley, California, where as a result, Jeffery grew up in an entrepreneur household. By age 31 Jeffery achieved success in multiple industries such as Real Estate, Agriculture, Global Training, Internet Marketing and Corporate Consulting. Jeffery spends some of his time supporting businesses and people who have a passion for making positive differences in the world by showing them how to create financial success, how to promote and position themselves in a market place whilst still staying true to themselves. To further explore Jeffery Slayter’s work, please visit:http://jeffreyslayter.com/

Energy Directive

Governments, Religions and Aliens – OH MY!

I will keep this as short, simple and to the point as I can. WE (you and I) are in a WAR! We did not start it, nor did most of us make a conscious choice to participate in it, but we ARE in it!

It is a war for our survival as a species as well as the survival of this magnificent Planet! It has been going on for centuries and we are currently under attack from land, sea and air. The ‘Psychological Operations’ are at FULL throttle creating FEAR among and within us – instilling within us a ‘helpless victim’ mentality – their most powerful and effective weapon!

So that begs the question, “Why is FEAR their most powerful and effective weapon? Answer – Because they know how powerful and magnificent we are! This is why it has taken them centuries to get to this point.

There are many of us here on the planet that are attacking these behemoths at every opportunity – and – we are having minimal, but growing, success. I call us the ‘Black Fly Brigade’. A single bite from a black fly is painful, but not fatal, but if you have to deal with a horde of biting black flies, it is maddening!

We have tried (and still are) reigning in our public servants (law enforcement, courts, governments, etc) but the process is slow and progress has been minimal. AND NOW, a ‘planet killer’ by the name Nibiru is supposed to make it’s first pass (again?) between this planet and the Sun on Aug 14 2015 with an entourage of asteroids. Is this FACT or FEAR? And if it is fact, what can we do?

I am pleased to introduce to each of you, our ‘energetic cousins’, affectionately known, by me, as ‘The Energy’! If it helps, you can visualize it as a sea of bored Golden Retrievers (or whatever breed you prefer) just WAITING for us to throw a Frisbee for them to bring back to us, so we can throw it again!

In over a decade of my interaction with it, I have learned a few of the restrictions it must operate within. Primarily that means Natural/Universal Law. Basically, it can ‘do no harm’. It can, however, operate within any dimension and any time period – past, present or future!

Due to these abilities, there have been many times when I thought my ‘directives’ had not been carried out, only to find, to my amazement, that not only had they been implemented, but in a much more imaginative and effective way than I had ever imagined. Now, I just smile (or laugh!) and thank ‘The Energy’.

All of this takes time and experience in developing a relationship with ‘The Energy’ and the sand has just about run out of the hour glass. So I am taking this opportunity to present YOU and ‘The Energy’ to each other, in the KNOWING, that we can (and will) flip this hour glass!

Below you will find the Directive I am issuing to ‘The Energy’. Simply read it and FEEL it, and if you agree, just state that for yourself silently or out loud. That’s it! No organizations to join! No dues to pay! EVER!

If you would like to make it more formal and active for yourself, you can print this and sign it. And/or go here and register your yes vote. Whatever you CHOOSE!


Energy Directive 6-1-2015

I/we hereby issue this Directive to ‘The Energy’ for IMMEDIATE ACTION.

  1. Implement an ISOLATION BUBBLE around ANY BEING(human or otherwise) that are engaged either knowingly/unknowingly, in the destruction of this planet and the beings that reside here. ThisISOLATION BUBBLE should be structured in such a way to cause an immediate disruption of their communications between each other and allow them to reconsider the choices they have each made.

  2. Should they decide to NOT make different choices, present their bodies to Natures predators for consumption.

  3. Should they decide to MAKE A CHOICE to participate in a loving, supportive society, and choose to provide remedy for any damage they may have caused to that society, release them from their Isolation Bubble on probation on the condition that they DO NOT re-offend. Should they re-offend, #2 above will apply.

I/we hereby also issue this Directive to ‘The Energy’ for IMMEDIATE ACTION.

1. Implement a SECURITY BUBBLE around this magnificent and beautiful Planet. Protect her (and us) from ANYTHING that may harm her.


Energy Directive Counter


Sad – but TRUE!


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