Magna Carta Man Guy Taylor Arrested Illegally

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URGENT-URGENT-URGENT…PLEASE SHARE, SHARE, SHARE……Have just spoken to Linda Taylor regarding Guys Taylor appearance in Aberystwyth wales this morning, just to give you a heads up on what has happened previously the Police came to Guys house earlier in the year and arrested him for non appearance of bail, Guy has never been arrested or charged […]

The Suicide of Great Britain


The Suicide of Great Britain Ross Douthat This story is included with an NYT Opinion subscription. Learn more » FOR much of European history, empire was the normal political arrangement: Large, polyglot, multiethnic and eventually multireligious, with a monarch on top and a jostling confederation underneath. Then came modernity, democracy and nationalism, and the “nations” […]

Welsh Government unveils eligibility test for social care


Welsh Government unveils ‘can and can only’ eligibility test for social care The new framework aims to reduce the number of people on care and support plans by improving access to preventative services.   Photo: National Assembly for Wales/ Flickr The Welsh Government’s plans for a social care ‘eligibility test’ that applies to children, adults […]