Editors Note This Article was Written by Maggie Tuttle and can be found on the website which i am the website Admin & I am in care. I am not allowed to speak of being abused. I want to go home to my family but I can’t. Please help me to stop the court […]



Editors Note. This Article was Written by Maggie Tuttle and can be found on the website which i am the website Admin & Oh, we can’t have the medical profession actually proven WRONG, now can we? Never mind how many lives are at stake… protect them profits, boys!!!  GET those kids! IT IS A […]

I fought the law meet the super-litigants

I fought the law meet the super-litigants

Dear Sirs, An article of this nature has been long awaited by the public.Thank you to Mr. Jones for doing a good job, and thank you to the Guardian for publishing. Hopefully, there can be more on the same subject because there are thousands of people who are being cheated and deceived by those […]

The Drugging Vaccinating and Controlling of the Uk People through Gang stalking and Targeted Individuals

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First They Drug you then they stalk you in gangs they god only knows what happens next this is what the uk is resorting to to silence the sheep. “Working Class Hero” As soon as you’re born they make you feel small By giving you no time instead of it all ‘Til the pain is […]

Portuguese Mother is victim of southampton social services forced adoption policy

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Our Baby was SNATCHED! By Social Services Tune In Tune In to the show 7PM THURSDAY 9TH JUNE Uk Time In the Americas and canada thats 2pm Eastern time. CALL 01444 390270 Uk Thats  3476770812  Usa/Canada TO TAKE PART OR WITH ANY QUESTIONS. The Baby S, Story and the kidnap via forced adoptions of 30 […]

Preston County Court and Lancashire County Council

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Entry no.5 See link to earlier entry under Lancaster County Court and Lancashire County Council (LCC) to find which see The series begins: Local Government Ombudsman and LCC. Second entry: all with ‘criticalreader2007’ as insert(LCC and Manchester Tribunals) Third entry: all with ‘criticalreader2006’ (op cit) Fourth entry: all with ‘criticalreader2004’ (Employment Appeal Tribunal) Fifth […]

Greater Manchester Police with Lancashire in Organised Crime 13th in series

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This is the 13th entry in this series and shows the jigsaw pieces being added to form the overall picture of organised crime, mafiosa style led by Lancashire County Council (LCC). PAYOLA is evidenced. “Manchester Police Corruption at 3rd world levels” Home Office Survey. “Something is rotten in the state of Manchester” (apologies to Shakespeare). […]

Criminal Injuries Board Corruption Glasgow

Criminal Injuries Board Corruption Criminal Injuries Appeal Unit Glasgow: Part of the Tribunal Service. This is an account of the corruption in the Criminal Injuries Compensation Appeal ‘industry’ another body utilizing public monies for the benefit of the corrupt. “And the White Knight is Talking Backwards and the Red Queen is off her Head” apologies […]

The lord chief justice today we must start again on civil justice

LCJ: we must start again on civil justice 23 February 2016By John Hyde Topics: Civil justice,Judicial John Thomas The lord chief justice today called for an immediate redesign of civil justice and questioned the future role of lawyers in the system. Speaking before the justice committee of the House of Commons this morning, Lord […]