Criminal Injuries Board Corruption Glasgow

Criminal Injuries Board Corruption Criminal Injuries Appeal Unit Glasgow: Part of the Tribunal Service. This is an account of the corruption in the Criminal Injuries Compensation Appeal ‘industry’ another body utilizing public monies for the benefit of the corrupt. “And the White Knight is Talking Backwards and the Red Queen is off her Head” apologies […]

Get Your Kids Back Strategy 2015 With Neelu @ Andy

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live 2 night  at 830pm UK THATS 330pm eastern Listen Live Link. Chat Room Password futurestar1     Get Your Kids Back Strategy 2015 – People who kidnap children from loving parents and homes based on fraud and perjury are satanists pretending to be social workers and Police committing Genocide. Children have been […]

Joe Burns @ McKenzie Friends In the family courts

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From Joe Burns A very freindly helpful Mckenzie Freind. Please encourage joe to stay work with him hes a great BUY HIS EBOOK BE YOUR OWN MCKENZIE FREIND It’s not getting any better. Steven King couldn’t write some of the stories that occasionally escape from these secret courts. The Institution must be protected at all […]

2,000 boys – including many from UK – ‘tricked by paedophile into performing sex acts online’

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Appeal: Police in Canada believe more than 2,000 boys were targeted by an online paedophile and are urging UK victims to come forward  More than 2,000 children – including many from the UK – are believed to have been tricked into performing sex acts online by a Canadian paedophile. Police believe boys as young as […]