Greater Manchester Police with Lancashire in Organised Crime 13th in series

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This is the 13th entry in this series and shows the jigsaw pieces being added to form the overall picture of organised crime, mafiosa style led by Lancashire County Council (LCC). PAYOLA is evidenced. “Manchester Police Corruption at 3rd world levels” Home Office Survey. “Something is rotten in the state of Manchester” (apologies to Shakespeare). […]

Douglas Clift employer of corrupt solicitor in orgnaised crime with LCC

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DOUGLAS CLIFT AND SONS SOLICITORS CHURCH STREET LANCASTER EMPLOYERS OF MARK BENNETT. What’s the definition of waste? A coach load of solicitors going over a cliff with a few empty seats. I approached D Clift and Sons over 10 years ago for an injury claim. That was satisfactory. MARK BENNETT dealt with the claim. In […]

Greater Manchester Police: Criminals in uniform

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Greater Manchester Police: Criminals in uniform This is the second time this has been entered on the Internet. The first entry at has been accessed and removed as have others in the series. They are always replaced but the links may go awry on occasion because of the change of blog addresses.GREATER MANCHESTER POLICE […]

Whalley GP unfit to practice Kemple View Secure Hospital


WHALLEY: THE SURGERY AND KEMPLE VIEW, PARTNERSHIPS IN CARE DR KRIS WLODARCZYK. See link “The pen is mightier than the sword and a good deal easier to write with”. Marty Feldman. The GP named here is the GP for staff and patients at Kemple View, secure hospital. The related link shows the effort to […]

Carol Woods Organised Crime In Government York Local Government Ombudsman’s office

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Organised Crime In Government -led Lancashire. 2nd in series This 2nd in series entry was deleted sometime ago but not by me. Any reasonable minded person would w0nder who had the powers to delete that entry.This is the longest entry and compounded the original corruption for which see . Local Government Ombudsman. “Corruption, the most […]



CAROL WOODS, CASINOS, CORRUPTION & CRIME – LANCASHIRE TIBERIUS On 15th Dec 2000 when I was employed as a social worker for Lancashire County Council (LCC) I attended a meeting of staff, clients, their families etc, subject: home closures on a site known as Fylde Comunity School near Blackpool, Lancs. Hilton Dawson, then MP for […]