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The world’s leaders are disgusting to our children past and present

Editors Note. This Article was Written by Maggie Tuttle and can be found on the website which i am the website Admin & You, the world’s leaders are disgusting Read More …

I fought the law meet the super-litigants

I fought the law meet the super-litigants

Dear Sirs, An article of this nature has been long awaited by the public.Thank you to Mr. Jones for doing a good job, and thank you to the Guardian Read More …

John Paterson @ Brian Setchfield

John Paterson @ Brian Setchfield


Peter Hofschroer Trial Call to Action Boots On The Ground Request Teeside Crown Courts July 4th

Peter Hofschroer Trial Call to Action Boots On The Ground Request

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Greater Manchester Police with Lancashire in Organised Crime 13th in series

This is the 13th entry in this series and shows the jigsaw pieces being added to form the overall picture of organised crime, mafiosa style led by Lancashire County Council Read More …

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Douglas Clift employer of corrupt solicitor in orgnaised crime with LCC

DOUGLAS CLIFT AND SONS SOLICITORS CHURCH STREET LANCASTER EMPLOYERS OF MARK BENNETT. What’s the definition of waste? A coach load of solicitors going over a cliff with a few empty Read More …

Carol Woods and Lancaster County Court their part in the organised crime

When I was young it was more important, pain more painful, laughter much louder, yeh” Eric Burdon and the Animals Eric Burdon was wrong. Links and Lancaster County Court Read More …

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Solicitors as legal thieves as per Law Society

BLACK’S SOLICITORS OF LEEDS WADE HOUSE, THE MERRION CENTRE LEEDS LS2 8NY And The Law Society ORGANISED CRIME AND THEFT. Within the circle of corruption embracing Lancashire County Council Read More …

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NATIONAL FRAUD STATISTICS UNRELIABLE This is because police are still not recording and investigating fraud. They don’t record it because they have no intention of investigating, and want to produce Read More …