Susanne Kellner-Johnson Updates Natalie Johnson & Thabani Songo NHS


Susanne Kellner-Johnson continues to be held hostage on the Mental Health Heather Ward, Airedale Centre, Bradford, Yorkshire, to be forced injected with powerful anti-psychotic depot injections in a Police, NHS & Local Authority, multi-disciplinary ambush, persecution, kidnap and fraud of whistleblowers.

Such crimes by corrupt public officers are commonplace all over the UK due to the ineffective monitoring and regulatory frauds by the Care Quality Commission local inspectors to persecute whistleblowers such as Susanne who is also a Holistic Therapist assisting patients who wish to come of anti-psychotic medication using natural remedies.

The CQC Inspector has failed to respond despite complaint ANQ1-3020103234 made on 27th October 2016 that the CQC is responsible for the failings within all Mental Health services in the UK despite CQC complaints made in the cases of Oluwatosin Adediran, Patrick Coyle and Carol Woods.

Inspection Report 2014 for the Bradford District Care NHS Trust demanded improvements and found the services “Unsafe” 

“We found the Trust had identified areas where improvements were needed and had taken action. For example they had plans in place to improve staff training regarding the Mental Capacity Act and risk management.”

All local services funded by the public have so far refused to take responsibility for the remedy of the second opinion of an Independent Psychiatrist as required by law upon request of any patient – which makes the public servants individually liable under their personal, private and professional liability insurance since their public liability does not cover them for crimes and dishonour, leaving them open to charges of treason.

The First Response Team staff, Amber Uzmi, has undertaken to make some enquiries with the relevant managers since many members of the public called the Airedale Centre telephone, diverted to another hospital out of hours, that Susanne’s life is in danger, two patients are known to have died in the last 24 hours, and all rights have been denied to Susanne, including privacy of her mail, which is being opened by staff on Heather Ward.