Susanne Kellner Johnson Heather Ward Airedale Center for Mental Health


Susanne Kellner Johnson Heather Ward Airedale Center for Mental Health  Needs your help she is under a cto against her will and needs you to write to everyone concerned.

Updated 29th of October 2016.

Emergency Radio Show 28th October 2016

Susanne Kellner-Johnson continues to be held hostage on the Mental Health ward

Update 25th Oct welfare telephone call.



Update 21st October 2016


Being locked up in a mental hospital due to one’s profession is not fair.
Such is the case for a new friend who is a holistic therapist and human
rights activist.
She is being forced to undergo 50 mg Haldol, a psychotropic drug that she
does not need.

The Doctor at the hospital is a Dr Natalie Johnson she is the consultant in charge.

01535 216 020

Telephone the ward and say you are your name the million supporters of

susanne-kellner-johnson and you demand her urgent release.

THE WARDS NUMBER is   01535 678 131

The Ward Manager is Thabani Songo

Call day and night if the ward blocks you get others to call then take notes record all calls.


Psychiatric drugs are not designed to cure, but to suppress symptoms and physically damage the person taking them. Claims of safety and efficacy are made with each new “miracle pill”; its dangers only later exposed. Psychiatric drugs kill.

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Susanne Kellner Johnson

This is where it all started the abuse of power by mental health officials in the  Heather Ward Airedale Center for Mental Health Steeton Nr Keighley West Yorkshire towards a whistle-blower and Activist Susanne Kellner Johnson.

Recent Letters From Suzanne clearly she is of sound mind to write such articles or emails.

Right to a fair trial Article 6 1998 HRA and S135 warrants u 1983 MHA

I have had no response other than the arrest on the 18/9/2016.

These S135 warrants are a joke, they just lie to a magistrate, and the Magistrates Court does not keep copies of these warrants, they very often don’t even keep a copy on file!  These warrants are not traceable and trackable.  Nobody knows how many are used in the UK every year, and there is no log as to who is subjected to these S135 warrant arrests either.  The police is supposed to log the execution on their computers, but that does not always happen either!

These are clear cut arbitrary arrest warrants ordered by a court of law, with the victim of the arrest not actually having access to justice or a fair trial, because it’s an ex-parte court hearing with immediate execution by the police.  And they have new warrants now, who actually already specify the length of the prison sentence, such as part II of the Act, which is an immediate 28 day sentence, with forced treatment thrown in also!  And the latest new version of S135 is the one for the poor victims of Community Treatment Orders, where the police is authorised to retake them and track them via their mobile phones even!  Yes, under the new CTO’s the police can ping the recalled victim and track them down…  There is a lot of evil in this legislation and they are subjecting me to it all. I have no doubt that by the end of the week I will find myself on a Section 3 1983 MHA, and then a Community Treatment Order so that they can enforce the forced depots in the community.

I have already told the consultant that they would have to come with the police and kick in my door and handcuff me when they come with the depots, because I will not let them in.


drugs kill

Ref.: Freedom of Information Access Request 

I would like to ask the BDCFT to inform me at the earliest opportunity, how much a week it costs to detain me on the Heather Ward.  

I am a human rights activist and a litigant in person with the ECoHR at present and am being detained against my will, and am also being prevented from presenting my evidence to the ECoHR at this moment in time.  Furthermore, the ‘treatment’ dished out to me is forced depots of Haldol, which severely impairs my memory and blocks any coherent thought within a very short period of time.  After six months of forced depots of Haldol I will no longer be able to access my extensive knowledge held and stored in my brain, as the drug completely blocks me from accessing my memory.  It fragments it in fact, it’s a living hell because I am working in health care and need to access all my knowledge and training from the past and present. 

There is also an Article 8 in the 1998 HRA which allows me to determine what happens to my body, but I have had that right taken away from me.  The BDCFT has deprived me of that right and has decided to own my body and forcefully medicate me against my will on the Heather Ward. 

The BDCFT is trying to bankrupt me and put me out of work, and treat me to brain damage also.  They are very actively trying to force me back into the benefits system by making me so ill that I cannot work and run my business anymore.  

I do not consider this health care, but consider this a criminal act and torture, imprisonment and then some of a litigant in person with the ECoHR.  They are also perverting the cause of justice and denying me my right to run my own court case with the ECoHR by physically preventing me from going home and submitting my evidence to the Council of Europe.

Depot injection robs artist of her creativity – YouTube

Please note enclosed, a testimony of someone who committed suicide because they were on a Community Treatment Order and given forced depots.  Very much like me a few years ago.  There is no way out other than death.

Whoever put this lady on a CTO should stand trial for her murder…

These depots are evil, they completely shut the brain down, trap the body in a chemical straight jacket and stop any creativity or coherent thinking ability.  I will find it impossible in about four weeks time to fill in the requette or carry out any legal argument with the ECoHR as all the info is inside my head and I will not be able to access it or pull the information in the right order anymore.  I always work from memory and that will be destroyed.

It takes me six months off the depot to be able to think clearly again, and the minute I do and start campaigning, they have me straight back on the Heather Ward and start jabbing me again.. Well, I am not the kind to commit suicide, I shall give them a run for their money.

I earn around £5.500,00 a year from my little business and live on that.  But they have stopped me doing that too, by keeping me imprisoned.  The other really evil thing about a Community Treatment Order is that if I am on one, my medical malpractice insurance is invalidated and I cannot actually run my business as a Holistic Therapist.  That means a CTO automatically puts me back on benefits and shuts my business down.  Fortunately, I own my little cottage and have no mortgage, so I am not at risk of becoming homeless at least at present.  One thing I do not have to worry about right now.

Your sincerely

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Saw consultant a few minutes ago with advocate. 

My future: 

Section 3 under 1983 Mental Health Act, 3-6 months forced treatment order. Then Community Treatment Order under 2007 Mental Health Act.  I told them that I would not let them into my house and that I was disengaging from the services as I did not consent to forced treatment as a healthcare professional.  

Which means that they have to recall me every four weeks into hospital to give me the forced depot injections.  As I will refuse to follow the recall letter, they will be forced to send the police with a S135 warrant every four weeks to take me into the local psychiatric unit for a forced depot injection. 

I will also be forced to stop trading as my medical malpractice insurance will be invalid and I am now facing a future of having to sing on for the rest of my life because of it. 

So, I will be on a CTO with the police coming with a warrant for my arrest every four weeks to take me by force into ‘hospital’ to administer a forced injection. 

That is the new Mental Health Act for human rights activists and anyone with any active brain cells left. 

Bring it on I say, I knew that they would do this eventually, and they are.  I have been a prisoner under the 1983 MHA sine 1998 and they will not let me go.  But the true meaning of the new Mental Health Legislation is now blatantly clear.  


PS only have a few minutes on the computer, no time to read incoming mails today



World Mental Health Day and forced depot for human rights activist who is litigant in person with ECoHR

Dear All,

At 4pm I was called into the ward managers office on the Heather Ward and informed that it had been decided that depots would be administered.  I told them that they were a bunch of criminals and treating me to brain damage and that I was  a litigant in person with the ECoHR and that I did not consent to the depots and that they would have to violate me.

I was subsequently taken to the clinic room and injected with 50mg of Haldol depot.  I was not informed about the side effects, given a patient information leaflet to read or told what the benefit of this to my health would be.

These Nazi and Gestapo prison wardens dare call themselves nurses and they are registered with the Nursing and Midwifery Council.  What a joke.  My main problem now is to worry about how they are going to enforce these forced depots in the community as I do not consent and will not let any of them into my house.  My other concern is that I can only survive the brain damage by living on a pure raw vegetable juice diet, raw food diet and by taking nutritional supplements and they are planning on locking me up for six months, so by that time I will be a vegetable.  Nor will I be able to run my case with the ECoHR as I can’t get at my evidence at home and write up the requette and send supporting evidence.

The most upsetting thing for me as health care professional that I am not allowed to decide what happens to my body.  They have me on a section and they own my body, totally.  They can violate me all they want and call it health care!

The Bradford District Care Foundation Trust is run by criminals.

Yours truly

Susanne Kellner-Johnson

Prisoner Cell Block H and litigant in person with ECoHR

 dr carley show
From: Susanne Kellner-Johnson
Sent: 15 September 2016 02:58
Subject: Who ordered a police arrest for an event on World Mental Health Day dated 14 October 2009 at my house

To the Harrogate Court of the Mickey Mouse kind
To the legal Representative if you have one that is

Ref worthless bit of paper pretending to be a Warrant to enter specified premises MY HOME and REMOVE ME to a place of safety GAOL (S.135(1) Mental Health Act 1983

I told them all along, it’s a pretend court system with meaningless and useless bits of paper which really is a mere token to pretend to have power and is a clear cut police hidden arbitrary arrest inshrined in the law and the statutes.
I, Susanne Kellner-Johnson of 27 Victoria Street, Sutton-in-Craven, West Yorkshire would like to enquire about the police arrest which had been executed on 14 October 2009.

When this arrest was executed I was, and am again, a litigant in person against the UK Government with the ECOHR and was actively faxing evidence to them about a very violent assault by North Yorkhire Police, Namely PC Bateson. In fact, I had only sent a fax with evidence, shortly before I got arbitrarily arrested with abuse of police power on 14/10/2009. And to top that, I had staged a peaceful protest about human rights violations committed against me under the 1983 MHA and had displayed explicit material, including a letter from the Judicial Office, Royal Courts of Justice, Strand, London WCaAzLL, who cannot investigate any complaints against the police, and they referred me to the complaints procedure for this kind of thing to the Independent Police Complaints Commision in Wakefield. Bit of a waste of time, because they would not accept the photos of the bruises as evidence of an assault, and the daily hospital bruise chart was also not acceptable as as evidence of an assault. When I asked what exactly did they they did accept as evidence, they would not tell me. They really wanted me dead you see, I was the biggest pain they ever had in their side as I always showed the North Yorkshire Police up as committing perjury. They had even had hard physical evidence proved from WYMAS legal department – radio message sheets logging the conversation between police and ambulance. The police clearly told the ambulance to stand down, yes stand down before entering the premises by force and assaulting me straight away, slamming the handcuffs on and dragging me by handcuffs (the black plastic ones, you’ll see them in the picture later) and dragged me by the cuffs off the floor, nearly dislocating my wrists and dragged me outside and dumped me in their filthy stinking police van and locked me in there in the dark for twenty minutes for twenty minutes and then drove me off to Airedale. Yet, the two attenting North Yorkshire Police Officers, the GP and the ASW and the consultant all swore blind that I had been carried to a waiting ambulance. I submitted the radio messages, a witness statement from the staff on the ward which said I arrived in the back of a prison van in handcuffs etc., but neither the IPCC nor the BDCT complaints Managers Des Crowley (been in court recently for neglectin an eldely helples man + why is he working in a nursing home he aint got any training) and Allison McGrath who both had presentation folders of this painstakingly collated factual evidence, pretended it did not happen. The IPCC closed the file. The police event warrans, ambulances, the mind really boggles. But then, they only investigate themselves, don’t they?

Back to 14 October 2009

This was an event staged by me on World Mental Health Day and I had invited my mental health solicitor Shazad Malik from Duncan Lewis and local Mind members to attend.

I will be enclosing exact replica of displayed material on World Mental Health Day for your information.
This particular useless bit of paper pretending to be a warrant has several flaws:

It actually authorises West Yorkshire Police to enter my premises, when in fact, the warrant was executed by North Yorkshire Police, namely P5707 Sergeant Scott.

It had been preprinted with my name and address already on it, do you have a draw full of taylor made ones with my name and address on?

Why do I get arbitrarily arrested for living alone when you did in fact, not check my status personally at that moment in time? And no, I am not on facebook.

What is your evidence that I was unable to care for myself? I can prove with my genuine medical records from that period in time, that I achieved something which a medical doctor would not have thought possible, because I had had a severe uterine bleed and needed an emergency two pint blood transfusion shortly before this arbitrary arrest warrant was issues. Or pulled out of a draw just in case I make any noise or write one too many letters..
The gyneacologist who’s care I was under was very keen to know how I had achieved sodium and potassium levels which were spot on after such massive blood loss within two weeks and she wanted to know more.

Why is it thought to be a mental disorder if someone stages an event on World Mental Health Day evidencing local health care provision available for mental patients?

It is of course necessary to display relevant material, and mine was of genuine origin, namely on Bradford District Care Trust Stationery. It was a genuine presentation as to what care they provide patients with. A very factual statement thus. In fact, the Bradford and District Care Trust staged just such an event a few days before in Bradford.

I find it very unreasonable that someone should think that advertising material from the care trust about their offered services should be mentally disordered. I would have rather thought of it as disclosure of factual circumstances.

So, clearly, I can very clearly evidence with my medical records held at Airedale Hospital (my consultant was Mr Porter) that I had incredibly quickly recovered from severe blood loss anaemia caused by a very severe uterine bleed (no physical cause found but drug Olanzapine suspectd) and that can be proven with bloods records, and I had staged an event and also a peaceful protest about the antequated and outdated methods that they were still using locally at the local psychiatric unit.

I had at the same time also displayed assault photos, which had been caused during a supposed S135 Warrant execution, which upon reflection, was an invention because Skitpon Magistrates said that they had not issued one. Well, having seen your methods and recording ideas, I would not be surprised if they just fished an old one out of somewhere, flashed it at the police and off they went and forced entry. Been there, done that. Unless of course, PC Bateson committed perjury in the IPCC report and invented one issued on 5 August as he states in the relevant IPCC report. So, was there one on 5 August 2007 or wasn’t there? PC Bateson clearly states that the mental health professionals handed him a S135 warrant and he executed it. Right, so this would then be recorded on the police computer, would it not? Yet Skipton Magistrates state that they had not issued one at that date. Doesn’t mean very much though, does it? Some versions can be valid for weeks. The mind boggles. It’s like the Matrix Chamber.

Now then, I would like you to be so kind as to check your court records and please give me the name of the Justice of the Peace who issued this arbitrary arrest warrant under Section 135 (1)1983 MHA with my name and address on. There is only a scrible and it’s illegible.

This Justice of the Peace actually sentenced me to a two day prison sentence for staging an event on World Mental Health Day and recommded a Section 2 u1983 MHA with a worthless bit of photocopied paper.

Now this is is where it gets tricky again you see, because we could be talking about cross purposes again. I refer to a pretend S135 Warrant being executed on 14 October 2009. I did not say it was issued on this particular day. Because there is no issue date on it. It could be ten years old for what I know, they must have printed a good supply for me. Well, it’s some kind of legal template by the looks of it. The good news is it was revised in Jan 2009, so it can’t be any older than that.

Now, I have a real gripe with this particular Justice of the Peace, whoever it may be. Because first I get arbitrarily arrested for being perfectly sane and resonable and police stormed in and offered me a ride in the back of a prison van, and then, what is the definition of a place of safety? I was perfectly safe in my house until the police came along, because then even my sancturay will be violated by the thug criminal police. And the murderous electronic prison unit they call a mental health unit is not quite a place of safety either if you get daily restraints, get pinned down on your bed by five members of staff every day and get jabbed with cocktail of drugs, inluding Olanzapine, which causes uterine bleeds. Having just come out of a medical ward after one and having needed emergency medical treatment and an immediate blood transfusion of two pints of red spun blood cells in order to survive as my heart had been pumping on empty at times I would not necessary refer to this as ‘treatment’. But then it does not actually define treatment as to what kind of treatment is meant. Could be medical, could be psychological therapies, could mean anything. In my case it only means one thing: violent restrain, pinned on bed, clothes ripped off and jabbed. Particluarly of I dare ask for my non-existing human rights then they laugh at me. And tell me I have none. And I will never have any, ever. Because the 1983 MHA overrides the 1998 HRA. Does it? Who told them that crap? How can a new Act of Parliament, namely the 1998 Human Rights Act from 1998 be abolished by one from 1983, namely the 1983 MHA? But they got clever to that and did another one which actually does abolish the 1998 HRA in 2007. Of course it’s the criminally insane lawyers that tell them that and they are all trained in it.

Well, I have studied legal history and Magna Carta, and I can categorically say, no, the 1998 Human Rights is valid. It’s just that there is an arbitary arrest clause in it that makes it possible for them to constantly detain and arrest me and strip me of all my rights. It allows for the detention of persons of unsound mind.

Personally, I think this Justice of the Peace is a ripe canditate and David Inskip not far behind. Can the Justice of the Peace please be so kind as to supply me with the evidence that David Inskip provided him with? Did he say that I staged an event on World Mental Health Day to display current treatment methods available on the Bradford and District Care Trust? And did he say that I displayed assault photos caused by North Yorkshire Police that nobody wanted to know about and investigate and that the IPCC did not accept them in evidence of an assault? Did he also say that there was a letter from the Royal Courts of Justice in the window? They said they could not investigate complaints, they never said that they could not investigate criminal activity.

Which there is plenty of in this mornings complaint to North Yorkshire Police’s professional standards department and I actually asked forPCBateson who beat me up, and Sergeant Scott who fancied kinky sex games with plenty of handcuffs thrown in to stand trial for their criminal activities. And not to forget the criminal ASW Helen Wood who stood outside in my garden yelling at the windows come out or we kick your door in with PC Bateson at the front door and the police dogs and the dog handlers outside. Why? Because I would not let ASW Helen Wood and a Nurse Julie Gill into my house when they turned up unannounced and I was working with a client in my kitchen. I did ask them politely to return when I had finished work for the day and said that four o’clock would be good. These microvawed, BSE riddled brainwashed individuals do not understand that I run my own business and work from home with very professional clients. Needless to say I am very protective of the identity of my clients, as it includes local health professionals and I am at all times covered by client confidentiality and need to abide by it. So, no, I could not let them in and they had not made an appointment. They never accepted that I was working and had my own Holistic Therapy Practice. They will not accept that their victims have more qualifications and knowledge than they have and they totally abuse their powers under the 1983 MHA and the 2007 MHA. They havent’t any power at all, it’s all make belief.

They are totally brainwashed and dead in the intellect department. My care co-ordinator Dave Inskip came around twice today without an appoinment once again, when it clearly states in my care plan that I work two jobs etc and that appointments need to be made with me when I am available, but they don’t get it. He kept saying I am concerned: I said about whom, about what, what is your idea of the defintion of a concern? I am concerned he said. Yes, I am very concerned because he is losing his marbles, he’s got early onset dementia, he ain’t dopy he has a health problem. Asks me a professional working woman to make an appointment and I get my diary out and tell him the dates and he says I will let you know and send you a note. He is really a forensic psyhiatric case, so is Jean Hunter. Their idea of an appointment is when they decide to come. For example at 3 o’clock this afternoon they turned up to harrass me. They know I am out on the school run from 3-4.40 I need to go to work. They cannot remember that. They are so blinkered in their attitudes that I am a mental patient and that I have this illness and so they cannot see anyting else. They see a label and that is that. I am not a professional well ecucated intelligent self-employed female, who runs her own business, oh no. I am a mental patient. And they are only allowed to do one thing: live on benefits, drink, smoke,eat out of cans, chuck fags on the floor, don’t wash, don’t change their clothes and don’t sleep properly and never get any execise and just watch Jeremy Kyle all day. And dribble at the mouth and stare uncomprehendingly into space. That is the official old school of mental health nursing and social working. They want zombies and they want to keep them that way. David Inskip’s got mental health and Jean Hunter’s got mental health, they really have.

Now, challenge to the Harrogate Law Center/Court or whatever other charades they are playing at the moment (which law do you present?)I prefer Sharia, can you answer me all the above questions please and also let me when in fact this Harry Potter S135 was actually issued? There is no offical court coat of arms, no address of the court, no registration number or logging number, nothing. It’s a cheap meaningless photocopy. A bit of paper to get someone out and allows them to impose a two day prison sentence and a furhter subsequent 28 day detention or so it appears. But as it’s not issued by a lawful court through proper means and sworn under oath before giving evidence, it’s a bit of toiletpaper.

I am throwing the gauntlet at you. Because this time I am not going to bail you out and provide you with a copy of the warrant I have, find your own original if you can.

And just one more thing: Mr Richard Irvine, the former legal representative at Skipton Magistrates Court had a legal argument as with regards the right to a fair trial under Article 6 1998 Human Rights Act. I won my arguments and he conceded and stated, that yes, I would be allowed to attend in person to give evidence if such a S135 Warrant was ever again applied for. I thought that I had it sorted, but wrong. Someone always has an old one somewhere an digs it out. Hey, I have seen some where the date was tippexed out and a new one written over the tippex.

These are useless bits of photocopied paper and of no legal validity at all.

So, where was that letter from Mr Richard Irvine granting me my right to attend court in person if a S135 Warrant was applied for in person? Have you lost it? My copy was logged with the Human Rights Court in Strasbourgh, I can prove that I won. But can you prove to the legal justice system and the law courts what you are saying, that I suffer from a mental disorder and that I am unable to care for myself? I would like to see your evidence. And I would like to be told exactly what David Iskip had said or laid before the Judge. Probably a letter to someone or some Government Department informing him that I had once again, contacted them with awkward FOIA requests. Well, sod you, I shoved the lot in the post to my MP c/o Buckingham Palace.

I think that this Justice of the Peace needs a forensic psychiatric assessment looking at what he wrote: to enter by force together with an AMHP and a registered medical practitioner, the above premises on one occasion within three months in which the said person is believed to be , and it thougth fit, I know what that means you are dead, because they killed you with these forensic psychiatric loony bin charade.

So, as far as I understand the ravings of a lunatic psychotic crazed lawyer who cooked this up, the Justice of the Peace signs the warrant up to three months before it is executed! This is totally and utterly forensic psychiatry at it’s most lunatic worst self! The pathology of a schizophrenic mind embedded and enshrined in the law and in the statutes!

So if they can sign the warrant up to three months before it’s executed, how does the evidence laid before the Justice of the Peace stand up in a court of law? And then also, it does not actually state when the evidence was actually laid before the Justice of the Peace, there is no mention whether it was verbal or written evidence, and there is no date at which the evidence was proved by David Inskip. And what struck me most, do they not have to take an oath when they do this sort of thing? Kind of swear on the bible kind of thing? I tell the truth, nothing but the truth? Well I am, always have but the rest of them is totally and utterly insane.

In fact, I would really like to ask the Royal Courts of Justice to destroy these worthless bits of paper, because that is all they are. And that’s what I found out from Dave Shepperd: it’s just a bit of paper to get them out. And he trains the ASW’s and AMPHS.

Can someone please put a stop to this insanity? These are not court warrants at all. These are worthless useless bits of paper that frighten the life out of people. Yes, thats just what they mean it’s a bit of paper to get someone out. Would take too long to go through a proper court procedure and having to provide real evidence and letting the victims attend to speak up for themselves, can we? It’s the biggest illusionional system ever. It’s a delusional system. These people are totally totally deluded. Apart from the police. They know what they are doing. I just think it really funny to think that such a charade is happening in the UK, they usually don’t have that kind of sense of humour.

I am enclosing all evidence as to what I put in my window on World Mental Health Day which got me an arbitrary arrest, wrongful imprisonment and attempted murder.

Yours sincerely
Susanne Kellner-Johnson
Human Rights and Mental Health Law student
So, as I concluded, this is a useless bit of photocopy, so they can forget about that 72 hour detention during which the patient can’t leave or has any rights. And they can also stuff their ideas of imposed a 28 day prison sentence or a 3-6 months prions sentence with those useless worthless bits of photopies of crazed ramblings of an insane deprived mind. They have every right there is a 1998 Human Rights Act in place. And everyone detained has the right to legal representation as well. So where are those statutory human rights lawyers for every single detained patient in the UK? And where are the Judges and Courts that deal with these prisoner applications against that corrupt Mafia of power crazed Psychiatrists who pretend to have legal powers but actually haven’t got any at all? It’s a delusional fear based system of an illusion.

It’s a mere illusion. They use it as such a threat and it frigthens people to death when a Consultant says ‘I get you sectioned’. They can stuff that, they would need to provide forensic evidence to a proper court of law before they would be allowed to ask a lawful court to admit someone onto a secure unit with a set period of detention which is reviewed at regular intervals.

They have no power at all. They are not authorised by a court of law to arrest and imprison someone at all. Nore are they authorised by a lawful court to impose and renew lengthy prison sentences. They do not have lawfully valid arrest warrants issued by a proper judicial system. There was no lawful hearing in a court of law before a judge and represented by a soliciotor who represents the patients rigths.

Wake up UK you had been microvawed by the CIA for far too long.

Yours sincerely
Susanne Kellner-Johnson
Human Rights and student of Penalreform Act 1983 fomerly known as 1983 Mental Helath Act



Through rare historical and contemporary footage and interviews with more than 160 doctors, attorneys, educators, survivors and experts on the mental health industry and its abuses, this riveting documentary blazes the bright light of truth on the brutal pseudoscience and multi-billion dollar fraud that is psychiatry.

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An elaborate pseudoscientific sham…

It’s 943 pages long and lists out 374 mental “disorders.”

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Using it, psychiatrists can enforce psychiatric drugging, seize your children and even take away your most precious personal freedoms.

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The Citizens Commission on Human Rights (CCHR) is a non-profit mental health watchdog, responsible for helping to enact more than 150 laws protecting individuals from abusive or coercive practices. CCHR has long fought to restore basic unalienable human rights to the field of mental health, including, but not limited to, full informed consent regarding the medical legitimacy of psychiatric diagnosis, the risks of psychiatric treatments, the right to all available medical alternatives, and the right to refuse any treatment considered harmful. CCHR was co-founded in 1969 by the Church of Scientology and Professor of Psychiatry Emeritus Dr. Thomas Szasz at a time when patients were being warehoused in institutions and stripped of all constitutional, civil and human rights

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External appointments:Director, Immedicare LLP

Previous experience
Bridget was previously Chief Operating Officer/Chief Nurse and prior to this Director of Nursing for 5 years having joined Airedale in 2005. Before joining Airedale, Bridget was Assistant Director, Quality Assurance at The Royal Marsden NHS Foundation Trust. Prior to this she was at West Middlesex University Hospital NHS Trust and Salford Royal NHS Trust where she held a number of senior management roles with responsibility for acute health services and professional nursing services.

Qualifications: Registered General Nurse (RGN), BA (Hons) Health Studies,MA Health Service Management

Responsibilities and skills
As Chief Executive and accounting officer, Bridget is responsible for all aspects of the stewardship of the Foundation Trust, including developing an appropriate corporate strategy for Board approval and securing its timely and effective implementation. She provides leadership to the executive team and takes responsibility for the important external relationships with commissioners, regulators, local authorities, MPs and Government bodies.


Karl Mainprize

Karl Mainprize – Medical Director

 Appointed 3 June 2014

Committee membership: Clinical Specialty Assurance Committee

External appointments: None

Previous experience
Karl was appointed Medical Director in June 2014, having previously been Deputy Medical Director at York Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust. Prior to this he worked at Scarborough Hospital as Consultant Colorectal Surgeon for almost 10 years where he was instrumental in developing the first ever community endoscopy service. Having qualified in 1989 he spend his early career based at Oxford, Reading and London.

BA (Cantab), BCHir, MB, MA, FRCS, MD, CCST

Responsibilities and skills
The Medical Director is responsible for clinical governance, and has overall lead for risk management and patient safety. Karl is also responsible for providing professional leadership for clinical staff and managing medicial education and training.


Rob Dearden – Director of NursingRob Dearden 1

Appointed 1 August 2012 (previously Interim Director of Nursing from August 2011)

Committee membership: Clinical Specialty Assurance Committee

External Appointments:None

Previous experience
Rob joined Airedale from Calderdale and Huddersfield NHS Foundation Trust where he was Deputy Director of Nursing. Rob qualified as a Registered General Nurse in 1987 at Manchester Royal Infirmary and then as a Registered Mental Nurse at Wigan Infirmary in 1990. He later specialised in Care of Older People and Rehabilitation Medicine in Manchester, Wirral and Halifax.

Qualifications: MA Management and Leadership in Health and Social Care, Nuffield Institute, Registered General Nurse (RGN) Registered Mental Nurse (RMN)

Responsibilities and skills
As Director of Nursing, Rob is responsible for nursing quality and patient experience both at the Airedale site and in the community. His portfolio includes safeguarding adults and children, practice development, privacy and dignity, community nursing, chaplaincy services, complaints and patient liaison. Rob has a significant background in practice development of patient quality and experience standards.


Andrew Copley – Director of FinanceAndrew Copley 1

Appointed 1 January 2013

Committee membership: None

External appointments: Director, Immedicare LLP

Previous experience
Andrew qualified as a Chartered Certified Accountant in 1996 and has nearly 20 years financial management experience. He joined Airedale in 2008 as Deputy Director of Finance from Calderdale and Huddersfield NHS Foundation Trust. Andrew initially trained as a radiographer at Pinderfields and Pontefract Hospital and later joined St Luke’s Hospital in Bradford.

Qualifications: Fellow of the Institute of Chartered Certified Accountants in England and Wales (FCA).

Responsibilities and skills
As Finance Director, Andrew is responsible for the financial management and financial reporting of the Trust, and for relationships with the Trust’s commissioners. In addition, he has treasury management, IT and information, contracting, procurement and supplies functions reporting to him.


Stacey Hunter –  Chief Operating OfficerStacey Hunter

Appointed 1 August 2015

Committee Membership: Airedale NHSFT Charitable Funds

External Appointments: Trustee, Forget-Me-Not Children’s Hospice

Previous Experience: Stacey was appointed Executive Director of Operations on 1 August 2015 having previously held the position as Associate Director from 2013. The post title was changed to Chief Operating Officer with effect from 1 July 2016. Stacey qualified as a nurse in 1990 and spent over 10 years in various nursing roles in Hull and Leeds prior to moving into general management in 2001. Since then Stacey has spent most of her career at Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust progressing from Clinical Services Manager to General Manager prior to joining Airedale in 2013. Her other professional roles have included Council Membership of the RCN from 2003 to 2011.

Qualifications: Registered General Nurse (RGN), BSc. (Hons) Health Care Studies


Jeremy CrossJeremy Cross –  Non Executive Director

Appointed 1 October 2014

Committee membership: Audit Committee (Chair), Airedale NHS FT Charitable Funds Sub-committee (Chair)

External Appointments: Non-executive Chairman Mansfield Building Society, Treasurer Care and Repair (Leeds) Ltd.

Previous experience: Jeremy is a Chartered Accountant currently working as a self employed consultant. He is also Non-Executive Chairman of Mansfield Building Society and Treasurer of Care and Repair (Leeds) Ltd a charity aimed at helping older people maintain their independence and quality of life at home. Jeremy’s previous roles include Director of Personal Current Accounts with Halifax and Bank of Scotland. Prior to this he held various commercial and strategic senior roles within Asda and Boots.

Qualifications: BA (Hons) Philosophy, Politics and Economics (Oxford University), ACA


angAndrew Gold – Independent Non Executive Director

Appointed 1 June 2016

Committee membership: Audit Committee

External Appointments: Non-executive Director Ecology Building Society

Previous experience: Andrew is a qualified accountant and has a wide range of Board experience from a career in regulated financial services, mainly with member owned organisations. Until spring 2016, Andrew was the Group Director Risk, Audit and Compliance or a locally based regulated financial service group. Since May 2014 Andrew has been NED of the Ecology Building Society who are based in Silsden and are a mutual who demonstrate strong ethical values. Living in Skipton, Andrew is also directly involved in a number of activities that support the local community.

Qualifications: BSocSc (Hons), Money, Banking and Finance, University of Birmingham, ACA, AMCT, MBA, MIoD.


Anne Gregory

Anne Gregory – Independent Non Executive Director and Senior Independent Director

Appointed 1 June 2012

Committee Membership: Board Appointments, Remuneration and Terms of Service Committee (Chair), Clinical Specialty Assurance Committee, Appointments and Remuneration Committee

External Appointments:Professor, University of Huddersfield, Chair, Global Alliance of Public Relations and Communication Management (Council member) and Chartered Institute of Public Relations (Director)

Previous experience
Anne has 30 years of experience in public relations and is currently employed at University of Huddersfield; having previously been at Leeds Metropolitan University where she also served a term as pro-vice chancellor until 2010. For eight years Anne was a Non Executive Director of South West Yorkshire Partnership NHS Foundation Trust and previously served eight years on the board of Bradford Community NHS Trust

BA (Hons) English/Philosophy, Doctor of Philosophy (PhD),Fellow, Chartered Institute of Public Relations (FCIPR),Fellow, Royal Society of Arts; Fellow, Higher Education Academy


mahMaggie Helliwell – Independent Non Executive Director

Appointed 1 June 2016

Committee membership: Clinical Specialty Assurance Committee

External Appointments: None

Previous experience: Maggie started her career at Airedale hospital as a junior Doctor in the 1970′s before becoming a GP at Ling House, in Keighley, a role she held for over 35 years. Maggie became Chair of the Worth Valley Health Consortium in the 1990′s, while working part-time as a GP. She was later appointed Medical Director of Airedale Primary Care Trust (PCT) and clinical governance lead when four PCT’s across the district merged. Maggie returned to Airedale Hospital in 2007 as Deputy Medical Director and became a Non-Executive Director of the National Institute of Health and Care Excellence (‘NICE’), later being appointed Vice-Chair.

Qualifications: MB, BS, BSc, MRCGP

Lynn McCracken – Independent Non Executive DirectorImage result for awaiting image

Appointed 1 October 2016

Committee Membership: Board Appointments, Remuneration and Terms of Service Committee

External Appointments: Director of Governance & Legal Services, The Riverside Group; Non-Executive Director, Manchester MIND;

Previous Experience: Lynn is an MBA-qualified practising solicitor at The Riverside Group based in Liverpool with many years’ experience as a solicitor; initially in private practice at two top 50 national law firms and latterly in-house with a national rail freight operator.  Prior to this, Lynn had a short service commission in the Royal Navy specialising in telecommunications.  Lynn is currently a Non-Executive Director at Manchester MIND, a mental health charity and chairs the National Housing Federation’s Governance Forum.  She was previously a Non-Executive Director at Community Seven Limited, a provider of social housing in Liverpool.

Qualifications: BA (Hons); MBA; Solicitor


Shazad Sarwar – Independent Non Executive Director shazad sarwar

Appointed 1 August 2015

Committee Membership: Clinical Specialty Assurance Committee (Chair), Audit Committee

External Appointments: Chief Executive Whitefield Youth Association, Director Msingi Research Ltd.

Previous experience: Shazad is currently Chief Executive of Whitefield Youth Association a nationally recognised charity based in Pendle, and Director of Msingi Research Ltd. Prior to joining Airedale he was a Non-executive Director of East Lancashire NHS Foundation Trust. He formally held positions as Managing Director of a research and policy consultancy; independent member of Lancashire Police Authority and Advisory Director of Diversity at the Cultural Diversity Network.

Qualifications: LL.B (Hons), BTEC HND Business and Administration and MBA Business Administration

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    Unfortunately inadequate and/or compromised Psychs (Psychiatrists, Psychologist, Psychotherapists) abound.

    Most dangerous of course are Psychiatrists as they got (much too much) power, are brainwashed into an authority friendly mind set and usually lack any understanding of trauma, dissociation and healing. I saw a posting of Susan on Maurice Kirk (The Flying Vet) website. Rather than ‘Cresswell Clinic’ this is probably meant to be about the Caswell Clinic in godforsaken Bridgend. A 45 page ‘Third Part Crime Witness’ report has been submitted to police with regards to an employee there. Find out about the context from:


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