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  1. Our precious grandsons were taken stolen by SS on false accusations, lies all their statement/reports were full of lies about our family we did complain and submitted conflicts of interest on them all but Just fell on deaf ears and courts and other agencies believed SS. SS stated we were difficult and could not work with us, these people should be arrested and jailed for perjury and perverting the cause of justice from Linda in Gosport

  2. hi patrick did you get this e.mail ok from me and it was lovely talking to you today from linda in gosport

  3. Caroline Wood(many an allias “Pearce,Beggs Reid”,working for Harrogate Social Services dealing with elderly and vunerable people,has a criminal record,consipiracy to commit fraud,should not be working as a Social Worker,complete liar,thief.

  4. hello dave what about council two pm who put childen for ward to get bonuses Leeds city made 1.4 mill of childrens backs, as you no when cameron say council must do more to lift children out of povertythats what he means hand familys over to ss true .

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