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Before the Honourable  



Respondent United Kingdom Corporation

UPON an application notice by the Applicant dated 26 May 2015 seeking an order that all public servants must undertake to act with honour at all times in public office

AND UPON HEARING the applicant in person with the Respondent being neither present nor represented

AND UPON the Judge having read the written evidence filed, including Crime Report


AND UPON hearing a GROUP class action by Common Law Lawyer, Patrick Cullinane on behalf of 

Sovereign, named ___________________of the family / clan _______________

c/o address _______________________________________________________

hereby demand this Order on this affidavit of truth of direct witness, knowledge and belief  of fraud committed by satanic agents of the Defendant for the return of my property named below

Sovereign, named ___________________of the family / clan ________________

Sovereign, named ___________________of the family / clan ________________

kidnapped by a named agent of the Defendant ____ _______________________

on date  _________________________________________________________

from Place  _______________________________________________________

Chief Executive name  ______________________________________________

Local Authority name  _______________________________________________

under Police Superintendent  _________________________________________

Named Police Station involved  ____________________________________

to remedy the serious crimes by satanic cults to bring honour within the United Kingdom Corporation, under the 1930 Geneva Convention Uniform Commercial Code Statelessness Treaty under UCC 3-503, 3-504 & 3-505, it signed on 14 January 1931, under oath to God, to cease & Desist all genocide by fraud, human trafficking, theft and kidnapping of property, including babies and children being raped, sodomised, murdered, vampirised, cannibalised and prostituted by satanic cults running all public service, covered-up by mainstream media.

What is stated above is true to the best of my knowledge and belief

_______________________________________SIGN ________________DATE

This Order requires the above named agents to remedy the immediate return of my property, urgently, under my direct consent and authority or step down from public office immediately.

Ref: Lord Denning in Lazarus http://swarb.co.uk/lazarus-estates-ltd-v-beasley-ca-1956/

Dated                 In The Court 

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