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As a note;  Anyone doing their own due diligence into thewill find the process well defined and very simple to follow.  It does not take a seminar or the sharing of templates to apply these processes, providing one knows how to read & write.  Every commercial lien should be as unique as the individual, themselves.
    As a matter of fact, it is much preferred that individuals create their very own liens, using their individual voices, rather than be mired in collectivist activism, which can derail such programs.  Collectivist activities draw upon themselves negative connotations, much like the negativism expressed when identifying the “Sovereign Movement,” or “Freemen on the Land.”  As honest, and as sincere as these movements are, they tend to draw fire from our oppressors, and they negate individualism, which should be at the center of all speech, expressions, and writings.
     To explain how simple this process is, I’ve attached three files for your review & consideration.  Just be sure to follow the links posted within these documents.  You will find Michael Tellinger’s work to be quite refreshing, and very simple to comprehend.
    The finest thing about the commercial lien processes, is that they are “NON-JUDICIAL,” and they cannot be hijacked, obstructed, denied, or derailed, by the private courts, or by any of their minions!  This, then, dissolves their jurisdiction, power, and authority, and eventually, when enough people have filed these processes, we can put their private corporate courts out of business for good!
     The lien processes, in and of themselves, are their own enforcement, as we see law enforcement using them against the people all the time!  So, what’s good for the goose, is also good for the gander, and there can be NO dispute as to their legitimacy & lawfulness!
     Crucial to the process, of course, is for an individual to apply the principles drawn in & from the 1. Maxims of Law;  2. the application of the 4-Corner Doctrine, wherein, one MUST challenge all presumptions, including unlawful & unwarranted jurisdictions, powers, authorities, and their use of legalese;  3. the revocation of implied, expressed, or written consent;  4. the invocation of one’s Unlienable, Natural, Constitutional rights, and those rights established under the Universal Declaration of Human Rights; and, 5. the invocation of 18 USC #3771, which establishes protections for “Crime Victims,” given any & all individuals under the opposition’s (perpetrator’s) very own rules!
   Remember, we are here to teach you HOW to fish, and NOT to do the catching, cleaning, and dinner preparations for you.  To do so, would be to dishonor you, and this would be disservice to you, and everyone else!
I do hope this helps clarify the simplicity, and absolute power of these processes.
Judge Curry
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