RUBY AKTHAR Disabled Family Caught Up In The Politics Of London Borough of Hillingdon @ Englands Housing Crisis

Andy Peacher Live Shows UK SHOW NUMBER 01444 390 270 Rubys Websites   Disabled Family In Unsuitable Homelessness Conditions. This Is Just One Family Of Many that faces Slum Conditions or having to put up with the following.   1  Breech of their human rights. 2  Breeech of their disibility Rights 3  […]

Radio Hosts @ Volunteers Wanted for Internet Radio Station

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Radio Hosts @ Volunteers Wanted for Internet Radio Station You Can Discuss  Any Subject Free of charge No experience needed training given work from home. If you have any funding ideas for our community station please email us. A Very Warm WELCOME From Andy Peacher   The Freedom Talk Radio Network. We Need new live/pre-recorded Hosts. […]

Inside Jimmy Savile’s secret abuse lair

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Inside Jimmy Savile’s secret abuse lair: Chilling moment detectives uncovered mural of dozens of victims’ names on the wall in his chauffeur’s flat ‘Graffiti wall’ hidden under layers of wallpaper in flat in Greater Manchester Victims told police they remembered messages daubed on the wall Doodles prove the victims were at the flat when they […]

Patrick Cullinane @ Maurice Kirk On the Freedom Talk Radio Network

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LIVE AT 7PM WITH PATRICK CULLINANE THATS 7PM USA EASTERN TIME.   LISTEN LIVE Common Law Remedies @ Restoring the jurys Class action on june 15th against judges who operate with no jury. Join Patrick at 12 noon at the royal courts of justice. June 15th to Protest or outside your county courts. […]

How To Get Your Stolen Children Home With a Commercial Lien Habeas Corpus


How To Get Your Stolen Children Home From Forced Adoptions In The Uk Template   GET YOUR KIDS BACK If you had your kids taken without your consent and without a justifiable cause or remedy, especially if they have been harmed in any way, psychologically, mentally, physically or spiritually, you can demand for their return […]

Rubys Child Survivors Radio With Andy @ Ruby Live at 7pm UK Time 2pm Eastern Fridays

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Listen Live Rubys Rescues Presents Live at 7pm uk time 2pm eastern and 1pm central time with Scott from the usa and tony from the uk 2 dads and their nightmares with cps and social services call in from the usa with your forced adoption story care leavers call in usa Canada 347 677 […]

Freedom Talk Radio Live show Thursday 14th of may 5pm uk and 12 noon usa eastern time

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Join Andy Peacher and Author Timothy Spearman with guest Melanie M Beres  survivor support  call samantha and the nottingham survivor abuse conference in september looking for survivors of beechwood and other nottingham care homes for historical child abuse  Conference to be held in the city of nottingham during september to come forward email andy Listen […]

Hampstead Child Abuse Story London England Who Raped These Children ?

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Who’s Involved in the Hampstead Cover-Up? Credit to the tapnewswire. Mirrored from otrolobolblanco, original video here – – *Warning*: Not For Children. Although not visually graphic, this video contains references to child sexual abuse, violence and murder. The children’s identities have been disguised although the original videos are freely available on […]

Plain Sight The New Social Media Alternative to Facebook

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The New Social Media Alternative to Facebook. We embrace free speech and your opinion – which are bestowed upon us by our creator not the government. The member driven, no ads social network, Plain Sight, the social network for the awake. JOIN HERE GMAIL HOTMAIL ALL WELCOME.    


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HERE IS HOW THE Uk 2015  ELECTIONS WAS RIGGED! Thanks to this lady and others have noticed most areas there was issues with these ballot papers see all the links below. 200,000 + Voting papers were reported missing from a van that was stolen in London bound for Hastings/Eastbourne, East Sussex, Then the Tories gain seats […]