Rubys Child Survivors Radio With Andy @ Ruby Live at 7pm UK Time 2pm Eastern Fridays

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Listen Live Rubys Rescues Presents Live at 7pm uk time 2pm eastern and 1pm central time with Scott from the usa and tony from the uk 2 dads and their nightmares with cps and social services call in from the usa with your forced adoption story care leavers call in usa Canada 347 677 […]

Hampstead Child Abuse Story London England Who Raped These Children ?

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Who’s Involved in the Hampstead Cover-Up? Credit to the tapnewswire. Mirrored from otrolobolblanco, original video here – – *Warning*: Not For Children. Although not visually graphic, this video contains references to child sexual abuse, violence and murder. The children’s identities have been disguised although the original videos are freely available on […]

David Cameron’s Jewish Roots and the Coreligionists Who Brought Him to Power ZIONISM. Britain’s royal family is 100% Jewish

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All in the Family: David Cameron’s Jewish Roots and the Coreligionists Who Brought Him to Power           While speaking to a 500-strong group of Jewish lobbyists in London in 2007, UK Prime Minister David Cameron declared,(1) “I am a Zionist“. He went on to add, “I’m not just a good friend […]

Plain Sight The New Social Media Alternative to Facebook

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The New Social Media Alternative to Facebook. We embrace free speech and your opinion – which are bestowed upon us by our creator not the government. The member driven, no ads social network, Plain Sight, the social network for the awake. JOIN HERE GMAIL HOTMAIL ALL WELCOME.    

Maggie Tuttle Children Screaming To Be Heard

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Look at Some Really Great Articles from Campaigner @ Author maggie tuttle of children screaming to be heard See the real side of grandma mummy maggie. MAGGIE TUTTLE UNTOLD TRUTH OF MAGGIE TUTTLE THE HUMANITARIAN Children Screaming To Be Heard News Articles.   CHILDREN BRAIN DAMAGED BY SWINE FLU VACCINE RECEIVE $90M DEAR […]

Trolls – small in everyway By Chris Spivey


Trolls – small in everyway How fucked up in the head do you have to be to spend your day trawling the internet looking for articles to pour scorn on  – usually being unsuccessful to boot? However, they will still try their damnedest to portray the author of the piece they are attempting a […]

Satanic Ritual AbuseThe Truth Exposed

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Sra Satanic Ritual Abuse Links   Hampstead: Leaked Medical Reports End All Doubt About Sexual Abuse Claims The Facts Medical Facts   The Cook Report: Baby Bandits   Support   News Stories on SRA.   Victims/Survivors of Satanic Ritual Abuse

London Metropolitan Police probed over child abuse ‘cover-up’ claims

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London Metropolitan Police probed over child abuse ‘cover-up’ claims Some of the allegations concern the Dolphin Square flats in Pimlico, not far from the Houses of Parliament The police watchdog is investigating alleged corruption in the Metropolitan Police, including claims it covered up child sex offences because MPs and police officers were involved. The Independent […]

Establishment child abuse: Council staff feared civil servant was murdered for planning to expose colleagues, report claims


Police investigating a historic sex abuse ring in Westminster are attempting to uncover whether a man was murdered in the Nineties because he planned to expose child abuse at a London council. An unpublished internal investigation into abuse by staff within Lambeth council seen by Sky News reveals claims that a civil servant was planning […]

The establishment uncovered: how power works in Britain


Definitions of “the establishment” share one thing in common: they are always pejorative. Rightwingers tend to see it as the national purveyor of a rampant, morally corrupting social liberalism; for the left, it is more likely to mean a network of public-school and Oxbridge boys dominating the key institutions of British political life. Here is […]