RUBY AKTHAR Disabled Family Caught Up In The Politics Of London Borough of Hillingdon @ Englands Housing Crisis

Andy Peacher Live Shows UK SHOW NUMBER 01444 390 270 Rubys Websites   Disabled Family In Unsuitable Homelessness Conditions. This Is Just One Family Of Many that faces Slum Conditions or having to put up with the following.   1  Breech of their human rights. 2  Breeech of their disibility Rights 3  […]

Greater Manchester Police with Lancashire in Organised Crime 13th in series

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This is the 13th entry in this series and shows the jigsaw pieces being added to form the overall picture of organised crime, mafiosa style led by Lancashire County Council (LCC). PAYOLA is evidenced. “Manchester Police Corruption at 3rd world levels” Home Office Survey. “Something is rotten in the state of Manchester” (apologies to Shakespeare). […]

Carol Woods:Watching and recording UK police corruption and establishing Freemason links

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THE LONDON METROPOLITAN POLICE Their pieces of the jigsaw. !st posting earlier today which had been the 3rd time because of interception. 3rd time lucky. It’s posted. The first part of this blog ended with the meeting between myself and NICHOLAS WOOD, bent copper from the Met. This shows what happened next in the […]

Carol Woods Organised Crime In Government York Local Government Ombudsman’s office

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Organised Crime In Government -led Lancashire. 2nd in series This 2nd in series entry was deleted sometime ago but not by me. Any reasonable minded person would w0nder who had the powers to delete that entry.This is the longest entry and compounded the original corruption for which see . Local Government Ombudsman. “Corruption, the most […]