Portuguese Mother is victim of southampton social services forced adoption policy

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Our Baby was SNATCHED! By Social Services Tune In Tune In to the show 7PM THURSDAY 9TH JUNE Uk Time In the Americas and canada thats 2pm Eastern time. CALL 01444 390270 Uk Thats  3476770812  Usa/Canada TO TAKE PART OR WITH ANY QUESTIONS. The Baby S, Story and the kidnap via forced adoptions of 30 […]

Douglas Clift employer of corrupt solicitor in orgnaised crime with LCC

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DOUGLAS CLIFT AND SONS SOLICITORS CHURCH STREET LANCASTER EMPLOYERS OF MARK BENNETT. What’s the definition of waste? A coach load of solicitors going over a cliff with a few empty seats. I approached D Clift and Sons over 10 years ago for an injury claim. That was satisfactory. MARK BENNETT dealt with the claim. In […]

Exposing police corruption covering Fraud and Extortion LONDON METROPOLITAN POLICE

LONDON METROPOLITAN POLICE 14th in series of government-led corruption: see links to Greater Manchester Police at http://www.criticalreadercw6.blogspot.com/ Lancashire Police and West Yorkshire yet to be added. increscunt animi, virescut volnere virtus (The spirit grows, strength is restored by wounding) To indicate that we live in a police state I record here that this is the […]

Carol Woods and Lancaster County Court their part in the organised crime

When I was young it was more important, pain more painful, laughter much louder, yeh” Eric Burdon and the Animals Eric Burdon was wrong. Links http://www.criticalreadercw.blogspot.com/ andhttp://www.criticalreadercw2.blogspot.com/ Lancaster County Court and the rubbish served on me in act of aggravated trespass in January 04 by Sales and another of LCC legal dept. told me to […]

Solicitors as legal thieves as per Law Society

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BLACK’S SOLICITORS OF LEEDS WADE HOUSE, THE MERRION CENTRE LEEDS LS2 8NY And The Law Society ORGANISED CRIME AND THEFT. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Talk:Scotland_Against_Crooked_Lawyers?redirect=no Within the circle of corruption embracing Lancashire County Council (LCC) and Manchester Employment Tribunals (MET) in particular the LAWS SOCIETY figures at strategic points. Given that LCC employ within their legal department vexatious, malicious, […]

Whistle-blower judge: austerity policies have made courts dangerous

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Whistle-blower judge: austerity policies have made courts dangerous Claire Gilham is suing Ministry of Justice, saying budget cuts and slashed legal aid put pressure on legal system and even expose judiciary to violence Judge Claire Gilham Claire Gilham: ‘I was under a great deal of stress and feeling at risk.’ Photograph: Linda Nylind for the […]

Convicted paedophile who campaigned to legalise sex with children SUSPENDED from Labour

A CONVICTED paedophile who campaigned to legalise sex with children was suspended from the Labour Party yesterday after revelations that he had joined sparked outrage. By ALISON LITTLE PUBLISHED: 00:00, Wed, Feb 17, 2016 | UPDATED: 14:10, Wed, Feb 17, 2016 NNP Tom O’Carroll is thought to have become a member of a local Labour […]