I fought the law meet the super-litigants

I fought the law meet the super-litigants

Dear Sirs, https://www.theguardian.com/global/2016/dec/04/i-fought-the-law-meet-the-super-litigants An article of this nature has been long awaited by the public.Thank you to Mr. Jones for doing a good job, and thank you to the Guardian for publishing. Hopefully, there can be more on the same subject because there are thousands of people who are being cheated and deceived by those […]

Magna Carta Man Guy Taylor Arrested Illegally

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URGENT-URGENT-URGENT…PLEASE SHARE, SHARE, SHARE……Have just spoken to Linda Taylor regarding Guys Taylor appearance in Aberystwyth wales this morning, just to give you a heads up on what has happened previously the Police came to Guys house earlier in the year and arrested him for non appearance of bail, Guy has never been arrested or charged […]

Preston County Court and Lancashire County Council

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Entry no.5 See link to earlier entry under Lancaster County Court and Lancashire County Council (LCC) to find which seehttp://www.criticalreader2006.blogspot.com/ The series begins: http://www.criticalreadercw.blogspot.com/ Local Government Ombudsman and LCC. Second entry: all with ‘criticalreader2007’ as insert(LCC and Manchester Tribunals) Third entry: all with ‘criticalreader2006’ (op cit) Fourth entry: all with ‘criticalreader2004’ (Employment Appeal Tribunal) Fifth […]

Greater Manchester Police with Lancashire in Organised Crime 13th in series

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This is the 13th entry in this series and shows the jigsaw pieces being added to form the overall picture of organised crime, mafiosa style led by Lancashire County Council (LCC). PAYOLA is evidenced. “Manchester Police Corruption at 3rd world levels” Home Office Survey. “Something is rotten in the state of Manchester” (apologies to Shakespeare). […]

Douglas Clift employer of corrupt solicitor in orgnaised crime with LCC

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DOUGLAS CLIFT AND SONS SOLICITORS CHURCH STREET LANCASTER EMPLOYERS OF MARK BENNETT. What’s the definition of waste? A coach load of solicitors going over a cliff with a few empty seats. I approached D Clift and Sons over 10 years ago for an injury claim. That was satisfactory. MARK BENNETT dealt with the claim. In […]

Exposing police corruption covering Fraud and Extortion LONDON METROPOLITAN POLICE

LONDON METROPOLITAN POLICE 14th in series of government-led corruption: see links to Greater Manchester Police at http://www.criticalreadercw6.blogspot.com/ Lancashire Police and West Yorkshire yet to be added. increscunt animi, virescut volnere virtus (The spirit grows, strength is restored by wounding) To indicate that we live in a police state I record here that this is the […]

Carol Woods and Lancaster County Court their part in the organised crime

When I was young it was more important, pain more painful, laughter much louder, yeh” Eric Burdon and the Animals Eric Burdon was wrong. Links http://www.criticalreadercw.blogspot.com/ andhttp://www.criticalreadercw2.blogspot.com/ Lancaster County Court and the rubbish served on me in act of aggravated trespass in January 04 by Sales and another of LCC legal dept. told me to […]

The lord chief justice today we must start again on civil justice

LCJ: we must start again on civil justice 23 February 2016By John Hyde Topics: Civil justice,Judicial http://www.lawgazette.co.uk/law/lcj-we-must-start-again-on-civil-justice/5053800.article John Thomas The lord chief justice today called for an immediate redesign of civil justice and questioned the future role of lawyers in the system. Speaking before the justice committee of the House of Commons this morning, Lord […]