Ex Social Worker Whistle-blower Carol Woods Detained in the orchard unit lancaster




CAROL WOODS INTERVIEW 5 FEB 16                            

“​———- Forwarded message ———-Date: 5 February 2016 at 14:46
Subject: Fw: Police corruption Lancs. Use dead people.

Dear Sirs, I have recently been sent an email by persons who were under the impression my case was about me and my mother. That was in innocence so I told them, my mother has been dead over 20 years, dying young. The use of my dead mother has its motive so I record the why and wherefore here for all agencies and each time the Lancashire Gestapo use my dead mother again I will send this out.


from NB


​whistleblower against crimes by Police stealing children, ex-Child Protection Officer, ex-Level 3 Social Worker is missing after exposing crimes by public servants in Lancaster!

Lancashire County Council is under the control of Outside Forces, responsible for covering up serious crimes against babies and children of child kidnap and child trafficking,and ex government members secrets, in conspiracy with Police.

Here is the witness testimony which proves this: 

As a public servant, it is your personal duty to serve and protect the public, particularly whistleblowers, otherwise you are complicit in the serious crimes it is your duty to following the principles of public life.


Please let the supporters of Carol Woods Safety Group know she is safe and well! And her release will be forthwith.

She has been terrorised by members of people in public office in Lancaster.  Anyone involved in these crimes is hereby removed from public office!

3 thoughts on “Ex Social Worker Whistle-blower Carol Woods Detained in the orchard unit lancaster

  1. I feel great concern for this dear lady because I know just what these people will get up to!;… because a few years two of my witnesses got kidnapped from home, then placed in a Mental Ward, one of whom got pumped full of a dangerous drugs (which nearly killed him,) the other I managed to get legal Documents to him, also informed his MP to secure his release, (before he got pumped full of dangerous immobelising drugs,) also able to prove he’d been placed in a mental ward illegally!;
    However of myself I’m also a whistle-blower, also a victim (one of many hundreds former employees who were being robbed in cloaked corporate/political Scams =many 10’s Million £’s that were being siphoned off illegally from us many duped/deceived unwary employees/families; whom if evidence had not been blocked from me and other “Vaporised” such would have opened “A Huge Can Of Worms” );… that is why I (as a whistle-blower,) also got threatened (by solicitor to whom I was paying £100-00 a month to,) of being placed in Rampton mental Hospital; however only by sheer luck I saw through that solicitors devious ploy..therefore avoided such plight being imposed on me illegally!!…
    .Therefore as a Whistle-Blower (as revealed) It appear to me you are also-up against an alleged corrupt system out to shut you up !..All I can do is thank my lucky stars I had the correct legal documents to get my witnesses released very quickly ..which now it appears the UK laws have been made much more Difficult to allow Victims secure their freedom have they not??
    Also.. what other can we expect in the UK when certain Hitler’s law(s,) ( brought into being from 1933,) are still being utilized as a main part EU and US Law; supporting ideals which in my opinion are an alleged progressing Fourth Reich; (allegedly headed by The secretive Illuminati (Google Bohemian Grove,) and throughout Europe by the secretive Bilderbergers ) facts of which are explained further by in (a.):- 11 basic teachings” as laid out in.. “The Frankfurt School of Economics conspiracy 1922; facts of which are explained by (b)..The former ex KGB Spy, Yuri Besmenov; The details in (a.) (b.) can be viewed via Google if interested…

  2. It would be helpful to transcribe the interviews so the text can be searched.
    There is mention of land being stolen, intended for a casino to be built, and that was foiled because of Carol Woods whistle blowing.
    All the names, titles, deeds, need to be posted, ideally with their photographs.
    With the magnitude of corruption evidenced, the child protection system needs to be shut down.

  3. I know exactly why Carol Woods is being denied the right to justice or even a fair hearing. I was also denied the same right in an employment case involving the MoD(UK) in which they deliberately rigged a court hearing whilst I was present and got a verdict which they later denied in writing that the court verdict had nothing to do wit the subject being contested.
    I later discovered that they were using Hitler’s Law on Legal Advice 13th December 1935 to rig the court. I have evidence from the German Ministry of Justice in which they admit this law was on statute in this millennium. In this letter it states clearly that this Nazi law was deemed COMPATIBLE with EU Legislation, by the European Court of Justice in the late 90’s. This proves that European legislation is controlled by Nazi law, specifically the law that Hitler used to guarantee he had total control over the legal system and the media. This law guarantees that any lawyer representing the party against the regime must betray their client, or they will be struck off as solicitors.
    All the evidence to prove this is in writing, so it cannot be denied by the regimes.

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