Len Lawrence Mental Health Fraud @ Abuse By The Court of Protection

The Court of Protection handles some 3 billion pounds worth of assets belonging to vulnerable persons. This is deposited into the Bank of England (known for enabling money laundering), earning only 0.5% interest for the owners. It has been suggested that these deposits are held in a Treasury account to offset the national debt. There […]


RECORDINGS OF EVIDENCE Constable Hinds Lisburn police station constable Hinds was given evidence of fraud but said he could not see any fraud on the recording I sent  I reminded him what solicitor O”toole and her client both stated in affidavit under penalty of perjury which he read in front of me and witness at Lisburn […]

Letters Of Evidence

judges name and shame

Letters Of Evidence   MLP Jonathon Craig Letter Jonathan Craig img001 When i left Jonathan Craigs office 3 months ago he said he was contacting the attorney General office with the evidence i provided which Mr Graig said the case was black and white Fraud and the case should not be running because of the conflict […]