How To Get Your Stolen Children Home With a Commercial Lien Habeas Corpus

How To Get Your Stolen Children Home From Forced Adoptions In The Uk




If you had your kids taken without your consent and without a justifiable cause or remedy, especially if they have been harmed in any way, psychologically, mentally, physically or spiritually, you can demand for their return immediately.

We have seen massive evidence of satanic ritual abuse in children’s, schools, churches and homes run by local authorities in the UK and USA, including rapes, sodomy, murder, vampirism, cannibalism, pornography, prostitution and snuff movies (where the victim, a baby or a child or an adult is raped and mutilated whilst alive and the video sold for satanic training in other countries to spread the cults through churches, charities, airports and embassies).

These satanic practices in public service are immune to investigation and dodged by mainstream media and Police, due to many public servants in positions of power, being implicated in the cults and involved in the cover-ups so as to profit from the foster care system.  Not all, but many, foster carers are satanic cult members.

It is a strong case to have all children returned to their loving parents and homes immediately, especially as the removal of children from their biological families is genocide and against the Will of God, who blessed the families with their God given children.  The removal of children from loving parents is a satanic ritual, especially where parents are loving and caring towards their children and the children are shining with love and compassion, which the satanists want to extinguish.

Parents must take immediate action as follows:-

  1. Issue a Commercial lien to the local public offices in Councils, Police, Courts and judges, see template,
  1. Give 14, 21 or 28 day notice, whatever is reasonable, in your mind, for the return of your kids to your loving care and homes
  1. Demand monetary compensation for the time your kids have been separated from you in genocide (that is the only language they understand to stop this ritual in the future and to others)
  1. Give enough Notice before 15 June 2015 – give that as the date you wish to collect your kids or soon after that  – this is the 800th anniversary of the Magna Carta 1215 – and there will be campaigns for people to gather outside their local family courts for their remedies.  Patrick Cullinane will be outside the Royal Courts of Justice, Strand, London at 12 noon on 15 June 2015.


Supporters of XXX Family,

c/o Lady or Lord XXX (local common law Sherriff or common law locally appointed or nominated leader) UK

c/o XXX Clan

Individuals named/ all Directors/employees/agents of

(1)   XXX Council plc

(2)   XXX Police plc

(3)   Judge XXX

(4)   XXX County Court plc


c/o A) Serious Fraud Office, 2-4 Cockspur St, London SW1Y 5BS,

c/o B) Police Commissioner, Metropolitan Police, New Scotland Yard, Broadway, London, SW1H 0BG,


c/o C) IPCC, PO BOX. 473, Sale M33 0BW,


May 2015,

Ref: Affidavit of Truth in Notice of Cease & Desist, Notice of Dishonour in kidnappings & Notice of Acceptance of return of children to loving parents and home immediately

The local authority has acted Dishonourably against the  XXX family by continuing to separate the children from their loving family without any credible evidence or cause, so as to traffic them into satanic cults committing crimes against humanity for profit.  The children and their loving families have been dishonoured, separated and tortured without law and  must be reunited immediately.


This is a formal Notice of Cease & Desist in the Dishonour of the forced separation between the XXX family and & named children

CHILD A 1. Child Name, 2. Date of Birth 3. Foster Name 4, Foster Address 5. Borough 1 6. Borough 2  7. Court 1 8. Court 2 9. Judge 1 10. Judge 2

CHILD B 1. Child Name, 2. Date of Birth 3. Foster Name 4, Foster Address 5. Borough 1 6. Borough 2  7. Court 1 8. Court 2 9. Judge 1 10. Judge 2

CHILD C  1. Child Name, 2. Date of Birth 3. Foster Name 4, Foster Address 5. Borough 1 6. Borough 2  7. Court 1 8. Court 2 9. Judge 1 10. Judge 2

This is a formal and final Cease & Desist Notice, Notice of Dishonour and Notice of Acceptance for the return of the children to me immediately in a Commercial lien in the sum detailed below for remedy and reparations.

Pursuant to the Geneva Convention 1930 a number of corporate governments such as the United Kingdom and therefore all companies/corporations registered there-under, above named, are operating illegally due to their bankruptcy and insolvency, including employees and agents. This is evidenced by the Gold Standard Act Amendment Bill 227, 21 September 1931 [suspended] and the subsequent Uniform Commercial code (“UCc” International Law),




This is also Notice of Acceptance in the Commercial Lien under Uniform Commercial Code Notice of Dishonour UCc 3-503 Without Prejudice UCc 1-308 in the sum £xxxxxxx for the Dishonour to the  XXX Clan  (which becomes seven fold to £xxxxxxx if unsettled, in 14, 21, 28 or 30 days) or on 15 June 2015, in accordance with biblical law [Leviticus 26 v 28 and Proverbs 6 v 30-31] from the above named persons, companies and the UK, accruing £1,000 per day (£7,000 per day after 15 June 2015).  In addition, the above named public officers will be deemed removed from public office and the above companies deemed trading illegally, will cease trading and their assets seized to be redistributed to the victims.

AND I make this Solemn Declaration conscientiously believing the same to be true, and by virtue of the provisions of the Statutory Declarations Act 1835



NAME Lady or Lord XXX


Declared this _____________day of ____________________, 20________


UCc 3-503, 3-504, 3-505 Notice of Dishonour: contract revoked, rejected, denied and dishonoured, without prejudice,UCc 1-308: A party that with explicit reservation of privileges performs or promises performance or assents to performance in a manner demanded or offered by the other party does not thereby prejudice the privileges reserved














Another Way To Get Your Stolen Children Home 

Habeas Corpus

Latin for “you have the body” or “produce the body.” The writ of habeas corpus serves as an important check on the manner in which state courts pay respect to federal constitutional rights. The writ is “the fundamental instrument for safeguarding individual freedom against arbitrary and lawless state action.” Harris v. Nelson, 394 U.S. 286, 290-91 (1969).

Well, what the heck does that mean? Essentially, a person has the right of judicial redress (setting an injustice right) against unconstitutional actions taken by state courts against him (or her). In other words, he has the constitutional right to present himself before the court to address unconstitutional actions or rulings made by state courts against him. But, isn’t that just for prisoners? Habeas corpus is often used (and abused) by and for prisoners often under the claim of denial of due process of law (a constitutional guarantee of fair laws, fair legal proceedings, notice of said proceedings, and a right to be heard before the government acts to deprive you of life, liberty and property).

But, did you know that habeas corpus ALSO applies to Family Law?

In family law, a parent who has been denied custody of his child by a trial court or ex parte hearing may file a habeas corpus petition. Also, a party may file a habeas corpus petition if a judge declares her in contempt of court and jails or threatens to jail her.

Example: Davis v. Crownpoint Family Court, 2003, NAN0000012  online at

Facts: Davis (Mother) has two minor children. At the time of this litigation, Halloway (Mother’s intimate partner) had never established paternity. Halloway alleged that he was the victim of domestic abuse by Mother. The Crownpoint Family Court granted an ex parte temporary restraining order to Halloway, giving him custody of the two children. The Crownpoint Court further found that Mother was an unfit parent and she was detained at the Crownpoint Public Safety Facility. No proof was offered by Halloway to show that Mother was indeed abusive and Mother was not afforded the opportunity to rebut the presumption ofunfitness. Halloway subsequently removed the children from the state and enrolled them in a new school. Mother challenged the court ruling and requested that the Supreme Court order the children returned to theNavajo Nation.

Holding: The Supreme Court reversed the decision of the Crownpoint Family Court and issued a writ of habeas corpus to have the children returned to Mother. The lower court violated Mother’s due process rights by finding that she was unfit without a hearing or without proof that she committed acts of abuse. The Supreme Court further ruled that a family court has no jurisdiction to grant custody of a child without a legal determination of paternity. Mere claim of biological parenthood is not enough to entitle a parent to child custody. The best interests of a child are paramount in custody decisions and a determination of paternity.

Practical Application: A legal finding of unfitness should be based on evidentiary proof and a mother who is alleged to be unfit should have the opportunity to rebut that presumption. The law specifically allows this opportunity to the mother, as the Navajo Nation is matrilineal and there is a preference for child placement with the mother.

Ok, so what good does that do me when the judicial system (family court judges, attorneys, evaluators, etc.) is so fundamentally corrupt? What are the odds that I’ll get a fair judge and an honest, competent attorney? And isn’t it true that the higher courts (particularly in CA) almost always side with the lower courts–regardless of the brazen heinousness and RICO criminal conduct of the lower court? (E.g. See CA Now’s Report on Family Court; The Liz Library’s LizNotes; MOLC’s handbook, “Warning to Mothers…” and the Harsh Judgment Article on this site’s links page.) What can I do to secure my rights?

What you can do is join a statewide appeal to the CA Supreme Court that addresses these civil rights violations occurring everyday in California family and juvenile court:

Please be sure to sign this secure form at

About the Habeas Corpus Site

This site was created to provide information, strategies, solutions and prevention tactics for victims of crime. Its objective is to help victims of violent and Family Law Court RICO crime–particularly battered mothers who have lost custody or full-custody of their abused children to a violent offender via Family Court fraud. Although structured for mothers, this site holds information for all women-particularly crime victims trying to navigate the dark halls of the so-called justice system and the ever-dissipating “rights” -both constitutional and victims’ rights-of women & children.

Many mothers find themselves shell-shocked, horrified and downright baffled, wondering, “How could this happen to a child? to my child? to me? How could this happen in America?” and stunned when they discover many court affiliates are willing and eager to harm women & children–even kill–for money.

Now, before anyone says, “It’s about ‘education,'” [It ISN’T] let’s get some facts straight. What’s happening in CA Family Court has nothing to do with education and everything to do with RICO criminal conduct. It’s a given that judges and attorneys should–at a minimum–have a basic grasp of the Constitution and the rights it guarantees every citizen. It’s also a given that evaluators should–at a minimum–have a basic grasp of the most critical human boundaries: “do no harm to those harmed”–especially to children. Clearly, we all know these “givens”: we enact and design private/public institutions, laws & regulations around them. So, you have to wonder why then are so many CA Family Court judges, attorneys, and evaluators expending so much energy destroying and suppressing evidence–especially evidence of crime and abuse? Why are they so flagrantly and egregiously violating State, Federal and Constitutional Law as well as the Constitutional rights of battered mothers and abused children? The Family Law code is clear, so is the Constitution; so what on Earth is happening? Simply put: A  profitable–although heinous–exploitation via RICO criminal conduct in the Family Courts.

“Education” is not going to stop or “cure” anyone who is willing to seriously harm or endanger women and children. Ask any FBI Agent or Criminologist, anyone who has access to crime statistics or data: “education” is about ZERO % effective, whereasACCOUNTABILITY isn’t becauseACCOUNTABILITY works. Not only does accountability deter crime and potential criminals, it removes repeat offenders from the populace–and the bench.

But accountability can’t happen when a state won’t regulate. What use are laws, authoritative bodies, government or even the Constitution without regulation? What use when rarely upheld, honored or enforced? What climate is created? Criminal attracted? Especially in court?

THAT is how CA Family Court corruption happens. Criminals are going to flock to where they’re going to thrive and there’s no place better than family court. California’s refusal to regulate, to honor the Constitution, to hold court criminals accountable, to even take a look, is why any criminal–be he judge, attorney or evaluator–can committ as much crime as he or she wants (RICO; Public Corruption). Easy, since most of us assume that civility and lawfulness would be in the one place it’s guaranteed: the court; and that the most vulnerable: abused children and mothers, would be protected there. Tragically, they’re the easiest of prey. Read CA Family Law page for more information.

Now, the next time someone offers “education” as an answer, put your hand up and say, “Stop! Stop making excuses for criminal conduct in the court, criminal negligence and cultural apathy. It’s that kind of garbage rhetoric that’s killing our kids!”



Battered mothers and abused children are getting the 1-2 knock-out punch from Family Law Court because they erroneously anticipate a modicum of civility from and in the court. Big, big mistake…and one that batterers, criminally inclined: attorneys, evaluators and judges count on.


What battered mothers don’t realize—until it’s far too late—is that custody decisions are based on the money they can generate—not facts, evidence or “best interest of a child.” Due to California’s lack of regulation, CA Family Court has become just another venue for a profitable criminal enterprise. Court criminals know there are no better litigants to exploit than a battered mother desperately trying to protect her abused children and a crazed batterer frantic to harm them—both driven to do and spend whatever it takes. The real horror is that it’s exploitation of the worst kind: it capitalizes on a mother’s innate instinct to protect her child—and does so at the expense of an abused child and battered mother’s life. Regional media attention is rarely garnished because of rampant corruption, misogyny, and apathy—nor is law enforcement, government or agency. In CA—it’s always a victim’s fault and always profitable to financially exploit tragedy. All of which further perpetuates and escalates more violence against battered mothers and abused children, and provides batterers greater incentive and opportunity for more violence.


Batterers are criminals. They have no evidence against their victims. But their victims have ample evidence against them. And CA Family Code is exceptionally clear: §3020 (a) of CA Family Code states, “The Legislature finds and declares that it is the public policy of this state to assure that the health, safety, and welfare of children shall be the court’s primary concern in determining the best interest of children when making any orders regarding the custody or visitation of children. The Legislature further finds and declares that the perpetration of child abuse or domestic violence in a household where a child resides is detrimental to the child.” That’s where RICO criminals come in.


No decent family law attorney would risk his reputation—or career—by helping a criminal (batterer) commit more crime against his victims—especially when the victims are children. And batterers know this. Which is why batterers retain attorneys willing to represent criminals and engage in criminal (RICO) conduct. And criminally inclined attorneys know exploitation is exceptionally easy and lucrative whenever the litigants are “right.” A batterer would get nowhere without a criminally inclined attorney. It is the criminally inclined batterer’s attorney who provides the RICO criminal contacts a batterer needs: a corrupt evaluator and a corrupt judge willing to rubberstamp a battered mother and abused child’s rights away. It is these 3 criminal individuals who are willing to further traumatize abused children and mothers by aiding and abetting criminal batterers–as long as the price is right…


The formula for harming battered mothers (by kidnapping their abused children) via Family Court is fairly pat: Either parent files a custody action (abusive father or battered, protective mother). Batterer hires a criminally inclined attorney who provides access to other court criminals (e.g. corrupt evaluator and judge). Battered mother often doesn’t have attorney because she can’t afford one (CA mothers who can’t afford an attorney aren’t provided one); but even if she did, she soon won’t. Many CA family law attorneys aim to bleed clients financially: there is no “best interest of the client” or “child” or even fear of repercussion from CA BAR since it exists to protect its members—as do all professional organizations affiliated with the court. But even if the battered motherwas fortunate enough to have an honorable attorney–the problem is her batterer doesn’t. The battered, now pro-se mother then offers evidence of the batterer’s abuse to the COURT. Corrupt JUDGE then orders battered mother to undergo evaluation via BATTERER’S EVALUATOR. Battered mother ordered to submit all evidence to BATTERER’S EVALUATOR. Corrupt [batterer’s] EVALUATOR suppresses or destroys all evidence against batterer. Corrupt EVALUATOR recommends COURT deny battered mother custody and child support via fraudulent report. Corrupt JUDGE rubber-stamps. BATTERER’S ATTORNEY calls illegal ex parte hearing without notifying battered mother (objective: battered mother won’t be present for her own hearing). Corrupt EVALUATOR recommends  COURT order battered mother to Paid Supervised Visitation ($200/hr) payable to Corrupt [batterer’s] EVALUATOR OR BUSINESS. CorruptJUDGE rubberstamps. Battered mother then ordered to pay COURT and corrupt EVALUATOR for their crimes committed against her and her children. Public, Private & Non-profit ENTITIES required to respond, don’t. Battered mother is forced into poverty, made homeless, often jailed for inability to pay RICO CRIMINALS. Battered mother’s parental rights TERMINATED–never sees children again.




9 thoughts on “How To Get Your Stolen Children Home With a Commercial Lien Habeas Corpus

  1. Ss sicken me think they no it all think theyr something when there not would love them to lose the power they hve dunno hw they sleep at night

    Both of us have served in the armed forces, Graeme 22 years in the Royal Navy and myself in the Army for 6 years.
    Our 3 precious grandsons Jamie 6 Jaiden 4 have been forced into care and Ashton 3 Forced into adoption based on:
    Due to the local authority Hampshire County Council Social Services submitting false accusations about our family and what happened to our precious little grandson Jamie on 14 August 2009 when in presence of Mike Wadham for 10-15 minutes whilst his mother Danni (our daughter) went to the local shop with his partner Cassie Usher, on their return Jamie who had been moved (Jamie was 8 months and could not walk or crawl)from where his mother had left him by Mike Wadham was screaming (something Jamie did not do as was a content child) and so brought Jamie straight home. We believed Jamie had a virus and after the weekend made an appointment at the doctors, the doctor physically examined Jamie and confirmed a virus.
    Then A small lump appeared on Jamie’s front of chest and we took Jamie to the doctor’s who diagnose a rib fracture, Cassie Usher had stated to us she had been fiddling with his back of ribs and found something (2 days prior to this, when Cassie Usher saw the front lump on Jamie’chest) and as she is not a doctor dismissed what she stated. At the hospital Jamie had a skeletal x ray and found Jamie had a shadow on his 11th back rib exactly where Cassie Usher had stated to our family and a friend.
    Jamie was taken into care by a social worker who had stated at the hospital on 27 August 2009 to Danni “You kneed him in the back” and if you don’t hand Jamie over i will forcibly take him from you” and flanked by 2 police officers, so Danni felt she had no choice.
    Police questioned our family about Jamie’s back rib internal injury and told them about what Cassie Usher had stated and the Police stated they would speak to her about it, the Police never did and only spoke to Cassie Usher about Jamie’s normal lump on his front of chest and not about the internal injury at the back, where she had said she’d been fiddling with his back ribs, which is child abuse, and should have been investigated for Child Abuse and never was, but still should be and her partner Mike Wadham.
    Social Services then falsely stated that we had harmed Jamie in our care and therefore was at risk and significant harm in the future in all their reports and statements that they submitted to court. All other agencies then started to back up what social services were saying.
    We went to the Police about this and they stated they had done a thorough investigation which they had not, so took it to the IPCC who did uphold our complaint, only for the Police to state that our complaint was repetitive which is a cop out as did not thoroughly investigate our complaint initially.
    We did complaints throughout the Local Authorities case against us for allegedly harming our precious grandson of which we could never ever do, but only fell on deaf ears as could not get legal aid, although Danni did Mark Tooley from Larcomes who agreed with everything with social services, a yes man, and we later found out why he was so friendly with these people he also represents them in court.
    Judge Black like to adopt children and on the first court case 2 October 2009 she stated she believed Jamie was harmed in our care, so knew it would be biased.
    On 12 February 2010 in Court Local Authority Barrister stated to Judge Black Danni had made a Concession/Confession “Jamie was harmed in our care”, Danni was not even called to deny or confirm this allegation, and nor did the Police arrest Danni or get her to make a statement, and on no evidence, no fact, Danni was told by Judge Black she had to remain in the Poole of Perpetrators and Mike Wadham and Cassie Usher released as the Judge based on this false accusation by the Barrister ruled “A No Finding of Fact”, but then Local Authority told Danni she had to go to Brighton to a mother and baby home, and it was there an adoption woman called Judy Poole turned up and stated to Danni “Now she was involved her boys would be adopted”, Danni was hysterical as she was on 27 August 2009 when Diana Tomlinson the social worker had stated “she had kneed her own son in the back”.
    The odd assessment they did on us were all fraudulent and not correct all based on that we had harmed Jamie and in our home, and on every assessment would say and how do you think the injury occurred to Jamie and when we state about Mike Wadham and Cassie Usher we were told, sorry you can’t move on so won’t get your boys back.
    We took the Local Authority to court in 2012 and was told by Judge Ackroyd there was a biased as Judge Wilson was married to the LA’s solicitor working in Winchester so our case had to be moved (even though this was still the care with the LA taking us to court so was totally biased).
    We then went to Chichester and saw Judge Tomlin and he said for malicious falsehoods/lies we had to go to High Court, which we did on 19 November 2012 and Master Yoxall stated to us he could see all our human rights had been breached by LA and to go to the ECHR in France, as he could not let us go to trial as LA have “absolute Privilege” which is not right as these people are lying to take innocent families children and they are being adopted if you dare complain or submit conflicts of interest as we did, LA also claim you are difficult and can’t work with you, that’s because they do not want to work with you and so easy for them to continue with their false accusations against you making up false negatives about the family like your the monster family.
    The ECHR accepted us but required transcripts of the case and we were not in a position to pay for them all as so many court appearances based on so many falsehoods and lies by LA, so the ECHR stated we had to adhere to a time frame and we could not meet it as could not afford all the transcripts we would have needeed.
    Therefore the Local Authority have abused their powers as stated in the Queen speech any social workers abusing their powers will be jailed well in our case these people are:
    Kim Goode – team leader
    Mark Scott- Social Worker
    Alison Street – Social Worker
    Lesley Rebbitt – Social Worker
    Lyn Pollard – Team leader
    Sue Smith- I.R.O (retired)
    Gin Burton – I.R.O (Replaced Sue Smith)
    Deb Farrell – Social Worker
    Monika Wallace – Social Worker
    Teresa Cachia – Team leader
    Paul Child
    Judy Poole- Adoption woman
    Ian smithers – Adoption
    Dr Johnathon Dowd
    All these above people have been involved in the corruption and lies of the local Authority social services.
    Other People we have come into contact with going through similar situations are:
    Edwina Underwood 077837890742
    Michaela Ryan 07908292298
    Andrea Cornelius 07840120236
    Mike Marshall & Hadyn Burton are on Face book but do not know their numbers From Linda & Graeme Lambourne.


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    The Trilogy of Blind Man`s Buff – The Game Begins, From Heaven to Hell, Revenge in the Name of Justice – is a psychological drama, action crime and thriller based on a life story of Andrea Vargas, a Brazilian MMA fighter who after having her daughters “legally kidnap” goes deep inside an obscure world uncovering a tale of money, murder and power facing a dangerous and intricate conspiracy by those who were supposed to serve and protect. She remains focused to save them, and get revenge on the mobsters. The movie aims to uncovers the shocking truth about children and youth who have been stolen by a mafia and ushers you into the nightmare of child organs harvesting and sex trafficking ring, a billion dollar industry responsible to kidnap and thrown innocents souls in the dread world of pain, fear and humiliation.

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    “When I was 19, I came to the U.S to study FILM, political sciences, sociology and psychology at New York University. That was part of my dreams! Subject that I loved the most and I felt it gave me not only the deepest “cure” for my childhood traumas but also sense of humanity redemption. Who we are, where we are going and what I can do in order to recover and to exorcise the demons from my horrible childhood was of my goal. I was waiting for something that could give me courage to spread words of fear, to share each other`s pain, to fight for justice. When I started taking classes it really opened a world for me that I hadn’t had the chance yet to experience, meaning that we always can start over even with the most difficult trauma we have faced in the past. So in 2008, I met a producer at the University who invited me to go to Miami Beach and work on his film called The Gaze by Michelangelo Antonioni, a great experience that opened my heart, I felt in love with the idea to tell stories, in special stories that any survivor should tell”.

    In 2008 in Fort Lauderdale-FL, I was awarded with the Brazilian Film Focus prize for having written and directed “Brazil I love You” (a critically acclaimed film about young kids who was apart from their foreign country). In 2010 I got the Brazilian Talent Contest prize awarded by GLOBO TV International in New York City for the best cinematography for the film “Gabrielli” (a tough relationship between a homosexual priest and his brother in-law during the Italian fascism period) that have received widespread acclaim internationally.

    Finally in 2013 after chatting with my wife, I decided to become and advocate and produce a TV Series in a thriller-way which later on became a movie trilogy as an attempt to speak up about my experience as a survivor in this modern-day slavery, a billion dollar business responsible to kidnap and thrown innocents souls in the dread world of pain, fear and humiliation.


  4. I had all five stolen from me illegally and cps all judges all courts our covering things up and leave my children in abuses homes. My daughter been sexually abuse and the care of Sara crabb Olympia wa. Judge Wilson terminated my rights just cause Denise sw threaten Judge march 2015. State wa will keep Alvin and Colleen in dependcy tell they our age 18,unless judge terminates rights to both h k parents of Colleen. Three older boys terminated to both of us h k parents too, even though there was enough evidence to show we where safe parents. Denise sw, Jacob Phillips cps attorney testifying in cps meeting Dec 2013. says you have been framed. March 2015, Denise and Joel Pettitte sw, testifying in colleen termination hearing says the state wa adopted all five if your kids out the day they took them away. No plan to return home. Denise in march 2015, testifying says she went against the state wa and returned Alvin home for a test period cause she saw we where safe with our kids. She she wanted to return Colleen too,but after state wa got a hold of her. She got in trouble and got down size in her job. She got her old job back. She gets less income because of it. She terminated Colleen help judge Wilson rights to us. Judge pilmory is the one who terminated our rights to Richard, Tim jr, Michael Holmes kittleson. That is Colleen and Alvin last name too. There working up another scam to take our last child our son Alvin from us. June 26 @ 9 am Olympia wa family court house. Judge swachler.

  5. I am a currently assisting a friend who has had her two children systematical taken form her by Wandsworth social services.
    This whole fiasco centers around the fact that she herself was brought up in a home and therefore was targeted once some apparently made some allegations that she a had smacked her little child. this was couple with some divisive tactics on the part of these Social workers in getting her and then partner to fighter each for custody of the children.
    In any case what is now left is this unlawful process where the children have been stolen for a few years now and she is in battle against a conspiring bueauractractic legal system for the return of her children.
    The key issue here is that some young individuals are systemically deemed unfit Mothers simply due to their past. and if the situation arises then they are targeted.
    This has to stop, for the real abuse is the state systems, in making profit and a whole lots of other unholy shit to boot.

  6. When reading your article, “What exactly is happening in California Family Law Court?” Not only was I shocked, as the details are my exact story, it was then I realized that my situation is not unique.
    I’ve been sharing your article with as many people as possible.
    I am a member of an organization: National Liberty Alliance. Our organization is filing class actions lawsuits in all 3133 within the United States.

    1. Dear Andy
      I intend to respond to your email dated September 21, 2016. Thank you for supporting our organization by posting on your website. National Liberty Alliance is filing CLASS ACTION LAWSUITS in all 3133 counties throughout the United States.

  7. Dear Taina McCash
    I’m so, so pleased that their is some one like you out their trying to help me like us to stay as a family should be.
    I’ve been doing this for three years coming up to. They all lied on oath & making false statements making & finding excuse so they will cradle snachen my daughter plus put some think there what isn’t their quosted me off any thing & every think going plus putting words into my month plus theirs months as well as for my files & every one else files they have put false info so it looked like they have done their jobs. But there was two social workers said it shouldn’t of gone to court & plus it’s also in my paper work what some one else as got. So, so called erik emeka ( so, so called social worker may have lost his job!!!! so they say ) We all bloody know what liers they all are I’m going to leave you my sisters email address because my one is playing up.

    1. Just wondering if you are the Sutton area of Surrey, because Eric was in our families case, if you are not in our area what area was you in he was working in this are 2014-2015 i think

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